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NMC Regulations for Transfer of Indian Students Pursuing MBBS Abroad

Because of the increased rivalry in the medical industry in India, many Indian students are looking for MBBS possibilities abroad. Every year, hundreds of Indian medical students study MBBS at overseas medical universities/institutions. However, many Indian students studying in medical universities in Ukraine and other foreign countries are now pursuing university admission to Indian medical colleges to finish their medical degrees. The National Medical Commission, on the other hand, has dashed the aspirations of foreign returning Indian students by rejecting their applications. This is now the only option for such Indian students.

The NMC has released recommendations in response to a series of commonly asked concerns about university transfer for Indian students pursuing MBBS in international institutions from Ukraine and other countries.

Q1. Which pupils are covered by the Screening Test Regulations, 2002?

Screening Test Regulations, 2002 apply to Indian students attending overseas medical colleges whose sessions began before November 18, 2021.

Q2. Which students are affected by the Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations 2021?

Overseas Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations 2021 apply to Indian students attending foreign medical schools whose sessions began after November 18, 2021.

Q3. Is the date of the admission letter/invitation letter/offer letter taken into account when determining the application of the FMGL Regulations 2021?


Q4. Does NMC Public Notice No. NMC/20659

NMC/20659 28 Jul (Legal)/2022/UGMEB/ dated The NMC Public Notice No. y 2022 applies to last year’s Indian undergraduate medical students who left their medical higher education institutions abroad, returned to India due to the Ukraine war, covid-19, etc., completed their medical education, and were granted a (Legal)/2022/UGMEB/, issued July 28, 2022, apply? degree in medicine by their respective universities on or before 30th June 2022.

Q5. How long does the Compulsory Rotatory Medical Internship last for Indian students pursuing MBBS at international universities?

For Indian students studying MBBS at foreign universities, the compulsory rotatory medical internship lasts two years, with one year of internship compensating for the missing medical experience at their foreign university and the other year preparing them to practice medicine according to Indian standards.

Q6: Do Indian medical students from foreign medical colleges who qualify for the FMGE have to complete a two-year rotatory medical internship?


Q7. Is there any relief for Indian medical graduates who passed their MBBS in July 2021?

There would be no relief for Indian medical graduates who received their MBBS degree in July 2021. It is only provided to foreign medical graduates who finished their MBBS on or before June 30, 2022, according to a Supreme Court of India judgment.

Q8. Can Indian students studying in Ukraine transfer to another university?

The Screening Test Regulation, 2002 applies to every Indian medical student attending a Ukrainian university whose classes begin on or before November 18, 2021. As long as the other conditions of the Regulations are met, such students are not restricted from transferring to any university.

However, the FMGL Regulations 2021 apply to Indian students admitted to Ukrainian institutions after November 18, 2021, and they compel them to authenticate their undergraduate courses within Regulation 4 of the FMGL Regulations 2021. They must complete all of their medical education, training, apprenticeships, and clerkships in the same medical facility.

Q9. Can Indian students go from a six-year to a five-year MBBS program?

Any Indian student registered in a foreign medical institution that is subject to the Screening Test Regulations, 2002 may move from a 6-year MBBS program to a 5-year MBBS program.

Q10. Is a letter of recommendation from NMC necessary to move between abroad medical universities?

No, a letter of authorization from the National Medical Commission is not necessary to transfer between foreign medical universities because these schools are not within the jurisdiction of the NMC.

Q11: What should Indian students consider before enrolling at abroad medical schools?

The FMGL Regulations 2021 will apply to all medical students in India who begin their education after November 18, 2021. They must finish their whole clinical training, training, internship, and externship at the same foreign medical institution or university. there is no chance of moving to another university in another country for medical education or training.

Q12 What regulations apply to freshmen accepted to foreign medical colleges under the FMGL Regulations, 2021?

The following are the FMGL Regulations, 2021 conditions regulating Indian students’ future admission to abroad medical universities:

Medical undergraduate programs must run for at least 54 months or 4.5 years.

There is a minimum 12-month medical internship available at the same foreign medical university or institution.

The teaching language is English.

Schedule-1 of the FMGL Regulations, 2021 covers the necessary subjects.

The regulatory authority that issues the medical license in the country where the medical degree is conferred is equal to the regulatory body that issues the license in the other nation.

Q13: Has the NMC authorized the Ukraine mobility program?

The NMC does not support Ukraine’s mobility initiative.

(We would like to notify students that various mobility programs are now in operation in Georgia and Ukraine, and NMC has emphasized that no such Mobility Programs for MBBS are legitimate.) As a result, if you are a Ukrainian student, kindly do not apply for migration programs in Georgia or Ukraine).

Q14. Can Indian MBBS students from Ukraine study in Indian medical schools?

Ukraine-returned Indian MBBS students are not permitted to attend Indian medical schools.

Q15. Is there a list of international medical universities that the NMC has approved?

No, the NMC does not provide such a list since such medical institutes are not approved or recognized by the NMC for the granting of any medical certification.

Q16. Which document is approved as legitimate by NMC for Indian MBBS graduates from abroad colleges to take the next exam?

The National Medical Commission is reviewing the draught for the next test, which will be made public once finished.

Final Thoughts

Following multiple rounds of conjecture over the admittance of Ukraine-returned Indian medical students or Indian medical graduates to Indian medical institutions, the NMC has now put all of them to rest by publishing this announcement. At the very least, they may now explore choices in other countries, allowing them to restart their medical education and get a real medical degree, paving the way for a successful medical career.

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