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MBBS in Serbia for Indian Students 2024-25

MBBS in Serbia

Serbian universities provide international students with a diverse range of graduate and post-graduate courses in both Serbian and English languages. The universities offer comprehensive education and rigorous training to students pursuing MBBS in Serbia, which is a popular choice among Indian students studying in Serbia.


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MBBS Abroad

With a focus on intensive learning, Serbian universities equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch successful careers worldwide. The opportunities available for students in Serbia are immense and can provide a strong foundation for a promising career.

MBBS in Serbia Overview

Qualification Needed12th Exam (PCB) with 60% Marks
Mode of CommunicationEnglish
Course Duration6 years
Language SpokenSerbian

Why study MBBS in Serbia?

  • MBBS education in Serbian universities is affordable.
  • The cost of living and accommodation is budget-friendly.
  • English medium courses and programs are available for international students.
  • Top-ranked universities in Serbia are approved by NMC and WHO.
  • There are ample clinical exposure opportunities for MBBS students in affiliated hospitals.
  • Admission and visa procedures are hassle-free.
  • Serbia is a safe nation for students with a low crime rate.

Admission Process

Getting admission to a top college for an MBBS in Serbia is a hassle-free experience compared to other countries. Below is the list of eligibility criteria, admission processes, and documents required:


  • Achieve the required marks in your 10+2 standard education.
  • Show your GPA and language proficiency test scores.
  • Provide an eligibility certificate issued by the NMC (National Medical Commission).
  • Take the entrance examination and attend a personal interview to assess your suitability for admission

Application Process

Step 1: Go to the official website of the university you want to apply to.
Step 2: Fill in the application form accurately.
Step 3: Attach all the necessary documents to the application form.
Step 4: Wait for the university to send you a Letter of Acceptance.
Step 5: Pay the required tuition fees to secure your admission.
Step 6: Apply for a student visa with the necessary documents and pay the visa application fee.
Step 7: Wait for the visa processing time, which typically takes 6-8 weeks.
Step 8: Once the visa is approved, make travel arrangements and prepare to embark on your educational journey.


  • 12th original mark sheet
  • Original passport with scan copy of front and back sent via email
  • NEET scorecard
  • Digital photograph with white background
  • 6 passport-size photographs
  • Aadhar card
  • Student PAN card copy for dollar exchange

Best Medical University in Serbia for Indian Students:


The University of Kragujevac is a public university located in Kragujevac, Serbia. It was founded in 1976. The Faculty of Medicine is one of the oldest faculties at the University of Kragujevac and offers a 6-year program in medicine, which is taught in English.


1st year2nd-year3rd-year4th-year4th-year6th-year
Tuition fee€ 5,300€ 5,000€ 5,000€ 5,000€ 5,000€ 5,000
Hotel and food fee€ 3,000€ 3,000€ 3,000€ 3,000€ 3,000€ 3,000
Total€ 10,800€ 8,000€ 8,000€ 8,000€ 8,000€ 8,000
Grand total for 6 years₹ 43,18,000 ( INR )


AR Group of Education is a reliable guide for students seeking to pursue MBBS in Serbia. Our team of skilled and decorated counsellors has a deep understanding and vast experience in the international education sector. We provide comprehensive support, from helping you choose the right college to obtain your visa and tickets, and even providing assistance until you reach your college of choice. Our expert counsellors are available round the clock to answer your questions and offer guidance whenever you need it. Trust us to be your ultimate mentor in fulfilling your aspirations of studying MBBS abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, international students are eligible to study MBBS in Serbia.
The admission requirements for MBBS in Serbia may vary depending on the university. Generally, students are required to have completed their secondary education and obtained a high school diploma. They may also need to pass an entrance exam and meet language proficiency requirements.
The MBBS program in Serbia takes six years to complete.
Yes, there are MBBS programs in Serbia that are taught in English.
The cost of studying MBBS in Serbia for international students may vary depending on the university. Generally, tuition fees are lower compared to other European countries, and living expenses are also relatively affordable.
Yes, there are some scholarships available for international students studying MBBS in Serbia. These may be offered by the Serbian government, universities, or other organizations.
MBBS graduates from Serbia can pursue a career as a doctor in Serbia or other countries. They can also opt for further specialization and pursue postgraduate studies in medicine.



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