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Is an MBBS from Abroad recognized in India?

MBBS Abroad is just as legitimate as MBBS in India. Many Indians have chosen to study medicine overseas for a variety of reasons over the years. One of the primary causes is the scarcity of medical seats at India’s government medical colleges. This makes it more difficult for Indian students to obtain a place for their medical studies in India, forcing them to study medicine overseas. 


Medical study overseas is regarded as one of the most desirable alternatives for Indian students. Aside from the low tuition, students have several opportunities to explore and gain experience in order to become good physicians.


MBBS Abroad Program Duration 


The length of MBBS Abroad varies by country. Some nations provide 5.5 or 6 years of medical school. 


The Advantages of Pursuing MBBS Abroad 


Some of the key advantages of studying MBBS abroad include: 


Reasonable Fee 

MBBS Abroad costs between 15 and 25 lakhs. Medical universities abroad are popular among Indian students who want to study medicine at a low cost. 


Excellent infrastructure 

Universities abroad are well equipped with cutting-edge technology that is utilized for both practical and classroom instruction. To keep the institution up to date in terms of offering medical education to students, contemporary infrastructure is being developed to keep up with the current medical sector need.


International acclaim 

Some medical universities in other countries are world-renowned. They are also authorized by India’s National Medical Commission. As a result, graduates with foreign medical education can practise medicine in India following FMGE. 


Additional MBBS seats 

More places for medical study are available in medical universities overseas. As a result, more Indian students are studying overseas. 


The greatest return on investment 

The cost of studying medicine overseas is cheaper than that of private medical universities in India. Graduates with an MBBS degree from another nation are permitted to work as a doctor in the host country. This gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and expertise in dealing with patients at the hospital. 


Excellent Medical Education

Top Medical Universities Abroad provide students with cutting-edge medical education. Students at universities have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the healthcare area. 


International Recognition 

Students gain much from studying medicine overseas. They get to join kids from various nations and learn about their ethnicities and experiences. This allows students to gain valuable foreign experience while studying abroad. 




Studying medicine overseas opens up a world of options for students. Medical Universities that are highly regarded and also certified by the NMC allow graduates to practice medicine in India and overseas without difficulty. However, in order to become an exceptional licensed physician, students must pass the country’s Medical Licensing Examination.


AR Group of Education Services for MBBS in Abroad: 


A) Counseling – We have ten years of counselling expertise. As a result, we provide you with limitless counselling assistance throughout your journey with us. We have a skilled team on hand to advise you through the entire procedure and ensure a smooth entrance. 


B) College selection – We provide an up-to-date list of colleges where Indian students can study overseas. In addition to recommending the finest schools, we provide “done for you” services such as- 


1) Scholarship advice – We have a thoroughly up-to-date staff to help you choose among the available scholarship program. We will even assist you in obtaining them.


2) Seat locking – We have tie-ups with the best Medical institutions in the world and other nations to ensure that you don’t lose out on admission to your preferred college. 


3) Travel/Visa support – We make sure our students have a seamless trip. As a result, at AR Group of Education, we support students throughout the complicated travel and visa-obtaining procedures.

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