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MBBS in India versus MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Medicine is one of the most difficult professions to enter. Admissions to MBBS programs in India or abroad place medical students in a variety of challenging conditions. The availability of professional doctors in India is quite low, resulting in stiff rivalry among medical hopefuls. As a result, under this circumstance, pursuing an MBBS abroad is becoming a viable choice. 


Seeking admission to study MBBS today needs an Indian student to pass the NEET. The National Eligibility and Admission Test (NEET) is the only entrance test for Indian students interested in studying medicine in India or abroad. If a student does not pass NEET, they must either drop out or pursue medicine at universities that enable them to study medicine while studying for NEET. 

Many Indian students who have been denied admission to a government medical college in India want to study MBBS abroad. The majority of students place a premium on the price as well as the prestige of the medical degree abroad. 


Here are a few of the most prevalent reasons why Indian medical students are perplexed while deciding whether to study MBBS abroad or in India.


  1. Cost-effectiveness 

Pursuing MBBS in India may be more expensive than studying MBBS elsewhere. In India, the average tuition expense for MBBS varies from INR 20 Lakhs to over INR 1 Cr. Tuition prices for MBBS Abroad might range from INR 50 Lakhs to INR 60 Lakhs for Indian students. As a result, studying MBBS abroad at Leading Medical Universities is more financially viable for Indian students. 


  1. Education 

Both Indian and foreign medical universities have diverse curricular systems and teaching approaches. Medical universities place an emphasis on giving students with hands-on learning opportunities to help them develop their knowledge and abilities. Medical Universities overseas, on the other hand, provide opportunities such as global experience and more.


  1. Eligibility Requirements 

NEET scores and rankings are used to determine admission to medical schools in India. While NEET scores are necessary for admission to medical colleges abroad, students just need to pass the entrance examination; no ranking is required. Furthermore, students must meet the minimum qualifying standards to apply for the MBBS program. 


At the time of entrance, the student must have reached the age of 17 years. 

The student must have finished their 12th grade through CBSE or any recognized board/state board. 

Students must have at least 50% in topics such as physics, chemistry, and biology.


  1. Language 

English is the most widely used language in India and many other nations across the world. There will be no linguistic barrier for Indian students studying medicine in India or abroad. However, mastering both the native and English languages may give students a wide range of opportunities for professional advancement. 


  1. Recognition 

Foreign Medical Universities provide MBBS degrees that are highly regarded by the world’s medical councils. The National Medical Commission has authorized many medical universities (NMC). These medical council recognitions allow Indian students to practice medicine in any country across the world. 



Although many Indian students choose to study MBBS in India, the restricted number of places at government medical institutions and the excessive prices imposed by private medical universities have left Indian medical aspirants with little alternative except to study medicine abroad.

After considering the above factors, it is possible to conclude that studying MBBS abroad is beneficial for Indian students. The course structure and educational quality are comparable in India and several other nations. Medical students looking for an excellent education might choose MBBS Abroad at a low cost.


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