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Things to know about Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russia

St. Petersburg State Medical University was founded on September 14, 1897. Since its inception, the University has used an exclusive teaching methodology that combines Western educational teaching methods with the best Russian traditional medical education. The University has officially been designated as one of the top medical universities in the country. St. Petersburg Medical University is heavily involved in the improvement and development of healthcare services, as well as the advancement of medical science in Russia. The university has also been named one of the world’s largest training facilities that train specialists from vastly different medical disciplines. It is the only Medical University with a Polyclinic attached to it.

The University offers medical courses in MD, PhD, and postgraduate degrees to both national and international students. In the University Library, students can easily access textbooks and methodical works from all departments. Each clinical department at the University has its own clinic, which is usually located at one of the city’s leading hospitals. Professors and academicians from the University’s respective clinical departments work as consultants in the hospitals affiliated with the University.

The University has three buildings in total, which include scientific laboratories, clinics, libraries, hostels, University campus housing for students and professors, laptop centres, and so on. Outside the University are a few teaching departments such as Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, and Traumatology. These are strategically placed in leading specialized hospitals. To ensure world-class education, all clinics are well-equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment.

Why should you think about Saint Petersburg Medical University?

Foreign students from all over the world praise the education system at St. Petersburg State Medical University. The University offers a wide range of undergraduate programs, including MBBS. Moreover, they also offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Medicine. Considering the low tuition fees, the nightlife, the low cost of living, and the exciting events and concerts, this is one of the best universities for any International student to attend. The University provides almost all of its medical courses in English so that international students can understand and avoid miscommunication.

Duration of Courses:

The duration of the MBBS program at Saint Petersburg Medical University is four years.

Undergraduate programs, particularly MBBS, in Russia last six years, with one year of apprenticeship and five years of classroom instruction. Every medical university in Russia has a nearly identical MBBS program. Russian medical universities offer excellent opportunities to work for six years and gain real-world experience.


Required Documents:

  • 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets
  • Certificate of transfer
  • 6 passport-size photographs
  • Certificate of Migration
  • Passport, medical insurance, and HIV tests from a reputable hospital

Have the Privilege of Earning While Pursuing Your Course:

Students who relocate to Russia are permitted to work while enrolled in any full-time course at St. Petersburg Medical University. Students can supplement their income by obtaining employment in the country during their stay. However, keep in mind that working while studying medicine will not cover all of your university expenses. Before beginning work, a student should read all of the terms and conditions. So that he or she can legally work. To obtain a work permit, a student should sign a contract and also visit the administration of the Federal Migration Service. In addition, a student must obtain a No objection certificate (NOC) from the Dean of the University stating that his or her university has no objections. Visit the visa office at the University for more information on work permits. However, we recommend that any prospective student avoid working during their course because studying medicine is extremely demanding and requires complete focus at all times.

Accommodation at St. Petersburg Medical University

Every Higher Educational Institute in Russia provides students with on-campus housing. Typically, these dormitories are shared. A housing facility is expected to house at least one or two other students. To maintain discipline and ensure the students’ safety, all hostels for University students are located on the University’s campus. Hostels have communal kitchens, central heating systems, bathrooms, electricity, hot and cold water, and toilets.

Students are also provided with beds, chairs, pillows, and sheets, as well as study tables and a wardrobe to store their belongings. The Internal Affairs Ministry of Russia monitors and secures the hostels 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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