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Advantages Of Studying MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines is a sovereign state located in Southeast Asia’s western Pacific Ocean. It is a lovely country with beautiful beaches and a tropical climate. Manila is the country’s capital. The country has breathtaking natural beauty and a diverse mix of cultures and communities. Previously, the Philippines was ruled by Spain and America. Filipinos have a strong affinity for fast food, movies, and music.


The country with a rich mix of cultural context and breathtaking elegance attracts tourists from all over the world, but it also attracts students from 65 countries for the reasons listed below. There are many excellent universities in the Philippines.


The Philippines’ literacy rate


The Philippines has the highest literacy rate in Asia, at 94%! That means that the majority of people in the Philippines are educated and of a certain social class. That makes the country remarkable and safe for medical students to study in.


The Philippines is an English-speaking country, making it ideal for MBBS in Philippines!


English is an international language that is spoken as either the first or second language in the majority of countries around the world. It is also used as a second language in our country, following our native language Hindi, in accordance with international standards. The Philippines, the world’s third-largest economy, is not far behind.


The Philippines, the world’s third-largest English-speaking country, is not far behind. English is the medium of instruction at all levels of education, including MBBS in the Philippines. English is the medium of instruction at all levels of education, including MBBS in the Philippines.


Students are very safe in the Philippines


The Philippines is a female-dominated country, with females predominating in all workplaces and accounting for more than 60% of the population. It is appropriate for both boys and girls. The Philippines is a melting pot of cultures, which makes it a welcoming country, giving students an advantage in not being treated as outsiders or foreigners.

Students who study here feel more at ease in the welcoming environment of the country and are able to concentrate better on their studies.


After 10+2, the Philippines offers a DUAL Degree programme for MBBS


A dual degree programme is possible with the medicine study programme in the Philippines. Before receiving the degree of MD, students in the BS-MD programme earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) ( Doctor of medicine). BS programmes last between one and a half and two years, depending on the university.


Opportunities for advancement are provided by an MBBS from the Philippines


With many top universities, the Philippines has become a medical education hub. Students studying here would have a broader perspective. Students who study medicine in the Philippines after graduation have a better chance of finding work in other countries. This is an opportunity to study at a good university while also travelling and learning about a new country. There are also opportunities to travel around the world.




The Philippines is known as a Tropical Weather Country, with temperatures ranging from 24 to 34 degrees Celsius all year. It is very easy for Indian students to adjust to the weather there.


MBBS in the Philippines is Reasonably Priced


The Philippines is a very affordable destination. Low-cost lodging and living expenses. The course fees are significantly lower than in India. There is no donation system.


Excellent transportation and air connectivity


The Philippines is well connected to the rest of the world, with three international airports in Manila, Cebu, and Davao connecting to all major cities worldwide. Buses, taxis, metros, and other modes of public transportation are available in Manila, allowing students to easily travel throughout the Philippines. India has five countries that connect it to the Philippines by air.


Education in the United States


The Philippines has a PBL curriculum in the American style. The education system in the Philippines is based on that of the United States. It is simple to pass the USMLE. Many toppers from the Philippines go to the United States for the Residency Program.




The Philippines is a predominantly Christian country. Over 90% of the population is Christian. The Philippines is a friendly country because it is a melting pot of different cultures.


Indian Cuisine


South Indian and North Indian cuisine are both available in the Philippines. In the Philippines, there is no shortage of Indian cuisine. Some medical schools operate an Indian Mess on the university campus. There is also a private hostel with Indian cuisine.



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