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Top Medical Universities In Philippines

Choosing which medical school to attend is one of the most important decisions. There are numerous factors that influence our school selection decisions. There are over 60 medical schools in the Philippines to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


English is the medium of instruction in the Philippines. The majority of patients, however, speak both English and Filipino. While the bilingual culture can be intimidating at first, particularly if you are not from here, the language is relatively simple to learn.


  1. University of Santo Tomas – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

For over a century, UST has produced some of the country’s best doctors as the oldest university in Asia. As a result, the college has a well-established system for teaching and managing students. For years, they have produced the greatest number of students with one of the highest PLE passing rates in the country. Since 2003, they’ve used a combination of lecture-based and problem-based teaching methods in their curriculum. Because they are subject-based, you can expect quizzes to be heavily influenced by the professors. The organ systems may also differ depending on the subject. Many professors, however, try to match them to different subjects.


The university is located in the heart of Manila, surrounded by affordable living areas and easy access to cheap yet delicious eateries and restaurants. When you want to go out with your friends, you’ll never run out of places to eat. The college also provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in medical missions in impoverished areas in order to make medical care more accessible to these communities.

2.  University of the Philippines – College of Medicine

In the Philippines, the name UP carries a lot of weight. As a result, they have high expectations of their students while also providing special programs for future doctors. They are the first and only school in the country to offer an INTARMED program, which allows high school graduates to begin a 7-year medicine course right away. They also offer a PhD (Molecular Medicine program) for those interested in research and other related fields.


Their classes incorporate an organ system curriculum. To put it another way, each system will be discussed in terms of its anatomy, physiology, pathology, and other topics. The Philippine General Hospital (PGH), located in the capital city of Manila, has a diverse patient population. This will better prepare you to recognize and manage the most common and rare illnesses in the country in the future.


  1. Cebu Institute of Medicine

CIM is one of the schools with the highest PLE passing rates on a consistent basis. It is also the most important medical institution located outside of Metro Manila. This school is well-known for its emphasis on independent learning. Rather than being constantly guided by a professor, you will spend a significant amount of time pacing yourself and studying on your own.


Being in Cebu allows you to spend time outside, away from the bustling cities of the Metro. While Cebu has urban areas, there are also rural areas where the mountains and the beach are only a short drive away if you need a break from your studies.


  1. Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

FEU, which is located in Novaliches, has been producing excellent doctors since 1952. Academically, FEU follows a subject-based flow, as do other schools. Major exams are typically based on the topics covered. These subject exams can occur as frequently as once a month. They usually try to give their students a day to study independently so that they can direct their own learning at their own pace.


Like other schools, student life is important in this one. Their student council created a working “trading system” (transcripts of lectures with notes) to aid learning in the classroom and at home.


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