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Pursue MBBS in Russia- overall package in one option

You are here, which means either you are planning to pursue an MBBS or a related medical degree or you are just seeking out information to calm your information hunger. And, if you have already planned to study MBBS and qualified for the NEET, then there are a lot more options available for you, not only in India but also abroad, and from the vault of options, we will give you a brief narrative and authentic information about  MBBS in Russia and why it’s some of the most popular options for MBBS aspirants in India.

As we have already mentioned above, it’s mandatory to qualify for the NEET to Pursue MBBS in Russia, and if you are clear with the above statement, we can go further. Russia is a developed country, and the federal government of the country has highly invested in the education and healthcare systems across the country.

Over the years, this investment in quality education, training, infrastructure, and an enduring environment has yielded the productivity Russia is enjoying today.

Cause of the Rigorous Effort

There are multiple perks and benefits that are provided by the university to students of varied origins. This is necessary for improving your overall exposure in a different community of students.

Russia, at the end of the world war, experienced this: if we had to grow independent from our competitors, we had to leverage the skills of mentoring because if you can teach, it transcends not only your skills but also your perceptions and thinking.

To get admission to the top universities, you should be aware of the education system, curriculum, and methodology of teaching. Apart from this, learn how to accommodate, and sustain your life, and participate in academic and cultural events and practices. Let’s start with the entry gate, i.e., the eligibility to get admission to medical universities in Russia.

Eligibility: your first and foremost requirement 

  1. He or she should have completed the minimum academic learning period of 17 years.
  2. He or she must have obtained at least 50% marks in their board examination from either CBSE or ICSE.
  3. You must have all your documents related to your academic learning, like the 10th marksheet, the 12th marksheet, and the NEET report card.
  4. Apart from the academic documents you must need a passport and passport size photograph, HIV Report and a CoVid -19 Report.

Now you are ready to apply for the MBBS course at Russian Medical University and get enrolled in the college as Russia is one of the best country to pursue MBBS in Abroad.

But before knowing the academic details about Russian medical universities, how can you select one?

Brief Narrative over the Academic Pattern about Pursue MBBS in Russia

  1. First and foremost, the medium of learning is available in English, so you don’t have to spend a whole year learning Russian first. There are a total of 12 universities that offer their curriculum in English.
  2. The classes are held on alternate days for each subject, and regular test sessions are taken, particularly by your professors, to bring up your performance in the end.
  3. Every student will be encouraged that the teacher-to-student ratio in most of the classes is 7:1, and this makes it possible to leverage more time from your professors, especially on those days if you miss the classes and your teachers will take extra classes for you.
  4. You can participate in college festivals, annual academic events, and other cultural events not only inside campus but also outside of your academic square.
  5. Finally, you must pass the end-term examination of each semester to further continue your sessions, and if you fail to do so, your professors will help to bring you up by removing your setbacks.
  6. The academic year starts from September of the current year until June of next year, including two semesters, the first ending in January and the latter beginning in February.
  7. Every student, whether native or international, will get medical insurance and treatment facilities from their university.
  8. Your professors will give you personalised mentoring for your further learning in post-medical courses and also for different screening tests conducted across the countries where the student belongs and goes back to practice in medicine, like for Indian students, they provide mentoring for ‘MCI Screening’.

Among the Few Top MBBS Universities in Russia

  • Moscow State Medical University, named after I.M.: Sechenov is centered in Moscow City and was established in 1758. The First state medical university which contributed the most in the field of medical sciences. The University gave the best medical practitioner and the reacher in the healthcare industry.

  • Saint Petersburg State Medical University: Founded in 1897, the university not only cherishes students on its campus but also contributes to innovations in the medical world, especially in the Russian healthcare system.

  • Kabardino Balkarian State University: This university has a renowned history of over 65 years since 1957 and has built its reputation by positioning itself in the top 100 universities in the world accredited by MCI.

MBBS fees in Russia are more affordable as compared to other universities across the world, and even with the tightest budget, you can surely go further and live your dreams.

Lastly, your decision to pursue an MBBS in Russia already puts you ahead of all the students who are not even trying to search for opportunities that they must grab before the sands run out from your hand. Studying MBBS in Russia is a more convenient and affordable option, especially for Indian students who want a high standard of learning, practice with cutting-edge technology in healthcare, and state-of-the-art infrastructure for both learning and growing their interpersonal skills. Join hands with the AR Group of Education to get a well-specified University Abroad because your success is our success.

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