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NEET Cutoff 2024

Overall NEET Cutoff 2024

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the gateway for aspiring medical students in India to secure admissions in undergraduate medical courses like MBBS and BDS. Every year, millions of students appear for the NEET-UG highly competitive exam to secure a seat in prestigious medical institutions across the country. 

One of the critical factors determining their chances is the NEET cut-off. As we approach NEET 2024, understanding the expected cut-off marks is crucial for aspirants to gauge their preparation and set realistic targets.

What is the NEET Cut-Off?

The NEET cut-off is the minimum score candidates must achieve to qualify for the next stages of the admission process. This NEET cut-off varies each year based on several factors including the number of candidates, the difficulty level of the exam, and the availability of seats. The cut-off marks are categorized for candidates such as General, SC/ST, OBC, and PwD (Persons with Disabilities).

NEET Cut-Off 2024

For NEET 2024, the cut-off marks are expected to be similar to the previous years with slight variations. The expected cut-off marks can be predicted based on the trends observed over the past few years.

According to the results, the NEET 2024 cutoff is 720-164 for the general category, 163-129 for the SC/ST/OBC category, 163-146 for the general PH category, 145-129 for the SC/OBC PH category, and 141-129 for the ST PH category. 

Based on the analysis of the previous years’ cut-off trends, here are the expected cut-off marks for NEET 2024:

NEET 2024 Cut-Off and Percentile
CategoryNEET 2024 Cut-off PercentileNEET Cutoff Scores 2024

NEET 2024 Cut-Off for Government Colleges

Securing a seat in a government medical college is a dream for many NEET aspirants due to the lower tuition fees and quality education provided by these institutions. The competition for government college seats is intense, and the cut-off for these colleges is generally higher compared to private institutions.

Several factors influence the cut-off for government colleges:

  1. Number of Applicants: An increase in the number of candidates generally leads to higher cut-off marks.
  2. Exam Difficulty Level: A tougher exam paper can result in lower cut-off marks.
  3. Availability of Seats: More seats in government colleges can lead to a lower cut-off.
  4. Reservation Policies: The reservation system in India affects the cut-off marks for different categories.

NEET 2024 Cut-Off for MBBS in Government Colleges

To provide a clearer picture, let’s take a look at the expected cut-off marks for some of the top government medical colleges in India:

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi:

  • General Category: 680-690
  • OBC Category: 670-680
  • SC/ST Category: 650-670

Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi:

  • General Category: 660-670
  • OBC Category: 650-660  
  • SC/ST Category: 630-650

King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow:

  • General Category: 650-660
  • OBC Category: 640-650
  • SC/ST Category: 620-640

University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), New Delhi:

  • General Category: 650-660
  • OBC Category: 640-650
  • SC/ST Category: 620-640

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Puducherry:

  • General Category: 640-650
  • OBC Category: 630-640
  • SC/ST Category: 610-630

These cut-off marks are indicative and may change based on the actual exam results and other influencing factors.

How to Prepare for NEET UG exam for next year

Achieving the desired cut-off marks requires a well-planned and disciplined approach to preparation. Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively for the exam:

Understand the Syllabus: Thoroughly go through the NEET syllabus and focus on important topics. Prioritize subjects and chapters based on their weightage in the exam.

Create a Study Schedule: Plan your study schedule well in advance. Allocate sufficient time for each subject and ensure regular revisions.

Practice Regularly: Solve previous years’ question papers and take mock tests regularly. This will help you understand the exam pattern and improve your time management skills.

Clear Your Doubts: Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers or peers to clear your doubts. Understanding concepts is crucial for performing well in the exam. 

Stay Healthy: Maintaining good health is essential during your preparation. Ensure a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and regular physical activity.

Summary of the Content 

Preparing for NEET UG can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. Understanding the expected cut-off marks for NEET 2024 and strategizing your preparation accordingly can significantly enhance your chances of success. Stay focused, practice diligently, and keep a positive mindset as you work towards achieving your dream of becoming a doctor. Good luck!

FAQs on NEET Cut-Off 2024

1. What is the expected cut-off for NEET 2024?

The expected cut-off for NEET 2024 varies by category. For the General category, it is predicted to be around 720-138, for SC/ST/OBC around 137-108, and for PwD candidates between 137-122 for General and 121-108 for SC/ST/OBC.

2. How is the NEET cut-off determined?

The NEET cut-off is determined based on several factors including the number of candidates appearing for the exam, the difficulty level of the exam, the total number of seats available, and the reservation policies in place.

3. What is the cut-off for government medical colleges for NEET 2024?

The cut-off for government medical colleges varies by institution. For example, AIIMS New Delhi is expected to have a cut-off of 680-690 for the General category, while MAMC New Delhi might have a cut-off around 660-670 for the General category.

4. How can I improve my chances of meeting the NEET 2024 cut-off?

To improve your chances, focus on understanding the syllabus, create a disciplined study schedule, practice regularly with previous years’ papers and mock tests, clear your doubts promptly, and maintain good health throughout your preparation.

5. When will the NEET 2024 results be announced?

The exact date for NEET 2024 results will be announced by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Generally, results are declared within a month of the exam date.

6. How important is the NEET cut-off for admission to MBBS courses?

The NEET cut-off is extremely important as it is the minimum score required to qualify for the counseling process and secure admission to MBBS courses in medical colleges.

7. Are there different cut-offs for different categories?

Yes, there are different cut-offs for various categories such as General, SC/ST, OBC, and PwD. These cut-offs are based on the reservation policies and aim to provide equitable opportunities for all candidates.

8. What happens if I do not meet the NEET cut-off?

If you do not meet the NEET cut-off, you will not be eligible for the counseling process for MBBS/BDS admissions. However, you can explore other medical and allied courses or attempt the exam again in the next session.

9. Can the NEET cut-off change after the exam?

Yes, the NEET cut-off can change based on the actual results and the analysis by the authorities. The final cut-off is determined after considering all influencing factors post-exam.

10. Is there any difference between the cut-off for AIQ and State Quota seats?

Yes, there is often a difference between the cut-off for All India Quota (AIQ) seats and State Quota seats. Generally, the cut-off for AIQ seats is higher than that for State Quota seats due to the wider pool of candidates competing at the national level.

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