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MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS Bangladesh: Reach out your Academic Goal

We are resilient to any obstruction in the journey of our continuous growth and we always push ourselves to the utmost to prove this statement. We are here for those who want to pursue a medical degree abroad and Bangladesh could be one of the options in your bucket list to study MBBS in Bangladesh. So, let’s start with what usually a candidate seeks out for taking admission into a College of any specific country and there comes the question of “Why to consider Bangladesh” in the top priority among the bunch of abroad countries. 

Most Enrichment Environment For Learning- “MBBS in Bangladesh”

If we talk about Bangladesh as a country, It is having a vibrant history and variability in culture at every mile of distance, Grand festival gatherings which cherish people and purify spirits to engage and interact with not only natives but also the people who come from different origins of the world. 

As a Country…

  • Easier for Students to interact and connect with Faculties, local students and people as mostly speak either “Bangla” and somewhat an accent of “Hindi”.
  • The Medium of education across all universities is English which makes it further more convenient for students. 
  • Similarity in climate and Commonality in preferences over food and daily routine activities.
  • A developing country which is rigorously working in the areas of healthcare and medical sciences and performing better and better from past consecutive years.

As an option for MBBS…

  • Offers a High Standard of Medical Sciences Education  which is comparable to Top private colleges in India.
  • Incorporation of Multiple Latest implements and Machinery coupled with integration of technology and digitally enabled resources. 
  • Safe and Comfortable commute and accommodation and high quality infrastructure in and out of the campus area. 
  • Accessibility to major facilities whether related to academic resources or recreational facilities.

Now we have concrete reasons to look out for MBBS in Bangladesh and for the perfect approach, we AR Group of Education are here to help you out at every step and provide selfless support so you can achieve your academic objectives to study MBBS in Bangladesh and become a medical professional. 

For further progress we will dive into the college details specific to the areas of keen interest in order to provide you with the most precise and concentrated form of information available from all resources over the internet. If we look upon the top Universities and colleges to study MBBS in Bangladesh, there are multiple top tier universities which are renowned in the medical realm all over the world for their specialization in specific departments and their contribution in the field of medical sciences. 

  • Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College
  • The University of Dhaka
  • Rajshahi University
  • University of Chittagong
  • Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College

All the listed Universities offer best of its kind Healthcare and medical care facilities. The commonalities across the top listed universities include-

  • Accredited by MCI, WHO & UNESCO which shows the credibility of the listed universities as they follow the prescribed guidelines as per the requirements that are critically necessary for the establishment and recognition of a medical university worldwide.
  • Decades of experience as all the described Universities established more than a couple of decades ago which accommodates senior professional faculties and management team to facilitate the learning and practical working process.
  • The Universities have more than one Hospital and even have sister institutes for certain speciality and muti-speciality Hospital infrastructure.
  • Universities offer state of the art technology integration and cutting edge medical implements and facilities for providing the best in class medical care facilities which includes from the starting point of diagnosing to the end part of getting accurate results.
  • The academic curriculum is similar to what is offered in Indian Medical Colleges and the course is more inclined towards the industry requirements for providing more career opportunities and professional growth.

Till now we all get to know about the features, facilities and services offered by the medical universities in Bangladesh and it is one of the best option to purse mbbs in abroad. From now on, the process of application to take admission come in, which is necessary to be well known by candidates who have made their decisions after thorough research and reading out the above given information i.e.

How to correctly apply for admission in MBBS in Bangladesh?

  • He/She must have passed out in their Boards Examination with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology as major subjects.
  • There is a need to score at least 60% to get enrolled into the Top Medical Universities and colleges but this is not a necessary requirement and even not applicable across all Medical universities.
  • Not more than two years of gap after Class 12th (Higher Secondary).
  • Candidates must have to qualify NEET Examination and the NEET scorecard is a necessary requirement to further proceed your application in your preferred or chosen Universities or Colleges. 

To escalate your application further and make it more accurate and precise to get selected, we provide assurance to you that you will get admissions in the preferred colleges with our guidance and support through our various services. 

As we offer…

  • University selection
  • Documentation
  • Visa process
  • Flight ticket
  • Airport pick and drop
  • International sim and forex card
  • Hostel allotment
  • Free food and stay for initial days
  • 6 years assistance
  • We provide VISA for your beloved ones

All the listed facilities will be provided by us as we believe in catering & nurturing students with knowledge and resources to make their dreams come true with our proficiency in counseling and years of experience in the field.

In a nutshell, to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, AR Group of Education provide both assistance and surety for your selection in one of the preferred Universities chosen by you and which aligns with your academic and professional growth.

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