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Explore Jalalabad State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan!

The Jalalabad State Medical University was established in 1992. It is located in Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan. More than 4500 students are served by the university’s excellence in medical education. Professionally trained teachers and professors guide the students. The university has over 250 faculty members, including some well-known doctors. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, diploma, and associate degree programs. Every year, thousands of students from various nationalities come here to pursue a quality education. The university provides students with a safe and welcoming environment. Accommodation for international students is provided in the university hostel. The hostel is well-equipped with modern amenities.

Students can use the hostel’s amenities such as hot water, free internet access, laundry, and so on. The campus has an Indian restaurant that serves delicious Indian cuisine. The college admissions process is simple and convenient. It does not hold a separate entrance exam. Students can obtain a high-quality education at a low cost. The comprehensive infrastructure is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology. The library is a haven for intellectuals and bookworms. Thousands of books are housed in the library, where each student at this medical school can gain wisdom and knowledge. The university’s goal is to provide high-quality education to medical students all over the world. This university was created to educate students in fields such as medicine, electronics, energy, construction, and agro-industrial complex.

Jalalabad State Medical University is quickly becoming one of the best institutions in the country for medical sciences and MBBS studies. Many young students are constantly battling for admission to Jalalabad’s state medical university.

University Highlights
● Jalalabad State Medical University has a long history of educating and preparing students to become highly qualified specialists in their respective fields.
● Currently, 13000 students from various countries study at (JASU), including India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turkey, the United States, and Uzbekistan.
● More than 700 teachers are employed, including 15 doctors of sciences and professors, as well as 116 science candidates and others.
● The university has ten science faculties, including pedagogical, medical, and natural studies, among others. Every year, it graduates highly qualified doctors in 54 specialized fields.

Duration of the MBBS program at Jalalabad State Medical University
Medicine studies at Jalalabad State University last six years. These six years are divided into two parts: five years of full-time classroom instruction and one year of an internship following the completion of the course.
Classroom students at Jalalabad State Medical University receive both theoretical and practical training to help them become better doctors.
Students receive assistance from their senior doctors during the one-year internship so that they can gain experience in operations, surgeries, and other important things.
Many Indians are already studying at Jalalabad State Medical University, and many batches have already completed their curriculum at the Kyrgyzstan college.

University MBBS Admissions
Jalalabad State Medical University is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Kyrgyzstan, with students from all over the world enrolling in the MBBS program.
This university accepts international students for MBBS, MD, and BDS programs.
MBBS/MD/BDS students arrive at the university in October and November, and classes begin shortly after the registration deadline.

Ranking of the university:
JALAL-ABAD state university Kyrgyzstan is ranked 29th in the country.
In comparison to an MB or MBBS degree, a degree in medicine is awarded; the university provides a widely recognized and accepted degree all over the world.

Medium of Teaching

The University has an excellent educational standard and low tuition fees, as well as English mediums for international students and highly qualified professors. It is approved by (ECFMG), which stands for Educational Commission for Medical Graduate Students, through which many students from various countries are admitted, and the medium of instruction for foreign students is basic and simple English.

Why Choose Medicine at Jalalabad State Medical University?
The following benefits make the university the best option for everyone:

● Applicants are not required to take any entrance exams prior to being admitted to the MBBS program3 at Jalalabad State Medical University.
● Apart from the tuition fee, the university does not request capitation or donation funds.
● Both boys and girls feel safe on the university campus.
● The low tuition structure in medical universities is a major draw.
● Not only is the tuition fee for the MBBS course low, but so are the living expenses.
● International medical students have access to world-class educational facilities.
● Very safe and interesting study environment
● Senior students welcome new students with open arms and respect their peers.
● Infrastructure is modern and cutting-edge.
● There is no entrance exam to seek admission to the MBBS programme.
● The University provides Indian medical candidates with excellent career opportunities.
● Successful medical graduates can also pursue postgraduate studies.

Eligibility for Admission to the MBBS Program
The University accepts international students twice a year for the MBBS/MD/BDS degree programme. The following individuals are eligible for admission to MBBS/BDS/MD programmes:

● Students with a minimum of 60% in their (10+2) science subjects.
● Should have turned 17 years old.
● Must have passed the NEET exam with a minimum passing percentage.
● HSSC (pre-medical) students can reserve their seats at Jalalabad State University from the start, rather than waiting until the last minute.

Admission Documents to Jalalabad State Medical University for MBBS:
The university admissions process begins in September-October, and nearly 80% of the seats are filled every year in September-October. You only need to pay the application fees and submit the following documents to gain admission to Jalalabad State University:

● Transcript or certificate for SSC
● HSSC (pre-medical) (pre-medical) Certificates and transcripts
● Copy of the first page of a passport
● A new photograph with a white background
● Medical examination results
● Police clearance certificate/report
● After sending these scanned documents to the university’s e-mail address, we will send you an admission letter in 5-7 working days, and your admission process will begin.

MBBS Admission Deadlines
To study medicine in Kyrgyzstan at the Jalalabad State University, there is a deadline that all medical students must meet. Because medical studies begin in September, admission must be completed by the end of July. This gives you plenty of time to apply for a visa and begin studying for your MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Hostel Services
Jalal-abad State University provides hostel facilities, including a mess, to international students at a reasonable cost. The hostel rooms are fully air-conditioned and include a bed, study table and chair, lamp, personal bathrooms in each room, and complimentary laundry service at reasonable rates.

Indian food is available
At Jalalabad State Medical University, 80% of students are from other countries, and we take care of each and every one of them. For Indian students, the university has an Indian mess. We understand that the majority of Indians are vegetarians and prefer to eat vegetarian food. Our mess includes an Indian chef who prepares Indian vegetarian food to Indian tastes.

Indian Medical University Students
Jalalabad State Medical University offers Indian students the opportunity to study MBBS in Kygrststan’s Pearl City. Many Indian students have graduated from our institute and gone on to become excellent doctors, serving in a variety of countries. Indian students on campus receive Indian facilities friendly behaviour from other students.

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