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There is a lot of discussion about MBBS in other countries, and it has dominated the news for quite some time. Medical study abroad is a popular option for Indian students, with many advantages and disadvantages. As we continue down the list of countries that meet the medical education needs of Indian students, consider Russia, Europe’s largest country.


Students who want to study MBBS abroad have always discovered Russia to be a popular choice. According to the World Health Organization’s ranking of the top 100 medical universities in the world in its World Directory of Medical Schools, medical universities in Russia hold 30 different positions. MBBS in Russia is gaining popularity among Indian students due to its affordability and high quality of education.


Russia, the largest country, occupies roughly one-eighth of the world’s surface. Moscow is Europe’s largest city. Russia’s terrain is diverse, ranging from deserts to ice-covered mountains, and from temperate to arctic weather conditions. Summers in Russia are hot, dry, and warm, while winters are cool, crisp, and cold. Highways, railroads, trolleybuses, trams, buses, ferries, and other modes of transportation connect the entire country. Russian culture is full of exotic elements due to its richness and diversity, such as folk music, literature, paintings, ballet, art, handicraft, and so on.





What Does a Medical Degree in Russia Mean for Indian Students?


MBBS in Russia is one of the most competitive options for MBBS students from around the world. In Russia, it takes about 6 years for a student to complete the entire MBBS course. The country has approximately 25+ medical universities that are recognized and listed by various bodies such as the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the National Medical Commission (NMC), formerly known as the Medical Council of India, the Ministry of Science, the Russian Federation, the Medical Council of Canada, and others.


Although the entire education is in English, basic Russian is taught as part of the curriculum. This is because the students will be interacting with locals who may not be fluent in English. Having a basic understanding of Russian also helps students adjust to their new surroundings daily.


The Benefits of Studying Medicine in Russia


  1. Studying MBBS in Russia is one of the most cost-effective options for students looking to pursue an MBBS abroad. There are no donations or entrance exams required.
  2. Medical education at Russia’s top government universities has a global reputation for excellence.
  3. The international students’ medium of instruction is English, so they don’t have to worry about language being a barrier to their medical education abroad.
  4. Russia, as a superpower, has numerous opportunities for its young graduates to pursue.
  5. In Russia, the quality of MBBS education includes the use of some of the most advanced medical and pedagogical practices in laboratories and classrooms.
  6. The resourceful libraries at some medical universities house the legacies of decades, if not centuries.
  7. Because MBBS in Russia is a popular choice, graduates can be found working in various fields of the medical industry all over the world.
  8. For Indian students, the close relationship between the countries assists them in adjusting to their culture and beliefs alongside locals.
  9. Students pursuing an MBBS in Russia get to experience the European standard of high-quality living.
  10. In addition, living expenses in Russia are extremely low. The cost of living in Russia is 47.46% lower on average than in the United States.


Aside from these, there are several other advantages to studying MBBS in Russia, such as an easy admission process that does not require the completion of any exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, MCAT, and so on. Several medical universities also provide special considerations and facilities to Indian students, such as Indian canteens, hostels, sports facilities, cultural and festive events, and so on.


Another distinguishing feature of Russian medical education is the absence of any exams, such as the KROK in Ukraine, which are needed to be qualified to continue studying and earning a degree. Students are expected to adhere to the university’s comprehensive and ongoing assessment and evaluation strategy.


Challenges For Indian Students Pursuing MBBS in Russia


  1. Coaching for FMGE/NExT-


Students studying MBBS abroad must pass the medical licensing exam, FMGE, to practice or study further when they return to India. FMGE training is also available at many Russian medical universities. As a result, universities such as Perm State Medical University have a 100% FMGE pass rate.


FMGE would be replaced by the National Exit Test (NExT) in 2023, making it mandatory for all medical graduates in the country and abroad. Russian medical schools have begun to prepare their current students for it.


  1. Language Barrier-


Students pursuing an MBBS abroad anywhere in the world may find it difficult to adjust to new cultural and linguistic practices. Russia is no exception. Although English is the language of instruction, students must communicate with locals at some point during their stay, if not during the clinical rotation. As a result, it is unavoidable for students to avoid the language entirely. As a result, some students who are not enthusiastic about learning a new language may struggle to adjust and communicate in the new language.


  1. Climate-


Another source of concern is the country’s climatic and weather conditions. A large portion of the country is subjected to harsh and cold weather conditions. Though the lower regions have weather conditions similar to those of India’s northern winters and are thus more livable. Although almost every university campus and hostel has a centralized temperature control system (AC/Heater) that adjusts to the weather outside, many students may find it difficult to adjust. When choosing to study in Russia, students should avoid extreme regions such as Siberia or Yashkul in favor of more moderate regions such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm Orenburg, Mari, Sochi, and so on.






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