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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: A Guide to Affordable Medical Education in Central Asia

For aspiring doctors in India and other countries, the dream of pursuing an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students can be inhibited by high costs and competitive entrance exams. To avoid all these things, students can apply to Study MBBS abroad

Kyrgyzstan, a beautiful nation nestled in Central Asia, offers an attractive alternative with its well-established medical universities, affordable tuition fees, and international recognition. Presently, there are more than 10,000 students who come to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan every year.  

The medium of instruction is English. Kyrgyzstan has various WHO-recognized medical universities. With its diverse cultures and welcoming nature, Kyrgyzstan offers a unique and excellent study experience. In this blog, we cover a comprehensive guide for students considering MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students. We’ll describe the following aspects:

Table of Content

  • Benefits of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
  • Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan (including details on fees)
  • Eligibility Criteria for Admission
  • Admission Process: Step-by-Step
  • Additional Considerations: Living Costs and Scholarships

Here’s a glimpse of what makes Kyrgyzstan a compelling choice for MBBS aspirants:

  • Affordable Fees: Compared to MBBS programs in Western countries and even some Asian nations, Kyrgyzstan boasts significantly lower tuition fees. This makes quality medical education accessible to a wider range of students.
  • English Medium Instruction: Most medical universities in Kyrgyzstan offer the entire MBBS program in English, eliminating the language barrier for international students.
  • Globally Recognized Degrees: Medical degrees awarded by universities recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) or other international bodies like WHO are valid for practicing medicine in many countries after clearing necessary licensing exams.
  • Focus on Practical Training: Kyrgyz medical universities emphasize practical training alongside theoretical knowledge, providing students with valuable clinical experience.
  • Safe and Welcoming Environment: Kyrgyzstan is known for its friendly culture and welcoming atmosphere for international students.

Here’s a list of some of the top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan, along with their approximate annual tuition fees. Kyrgyzstan has six NMC/MCI-approved medical universities. 

  • Osh State University: Established in 1993, OSU is a highly regarded university with a long history of excellence in medical education. It is a public university located in OSH, Kyrgyzstan. 
  • Asian Medical Institute: It’s a newly established university. The Asian Medical Institute was established in 2004. Currently, the university has more than 1900 international students from more than 10 countries, including India. 
  • Jalal-Abad State University: Located in the city of Jalal-Abad, JSU provides a comprehensive MBBS program with experienced faculty. WHO and NMC recognize the university. 
  • International Higher School of Medicine: The university is a renowned private medical university known for its modern facilities and international collaborations. 
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy: Established in 1939, it is one of the oldest universities in the nation. The university has 540 world-class faculty members. 

To be eligible for admission to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, you must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • The minimum age is 17 years old and the maximum is 25 years old at the time of admission.
  • Completion of 10+2 education (senior secondary school) with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (minimum marks may vary depending on the university).
  • For Indian students, a qualifying score in the NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) is mandatory.

The admission process for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students typically involves these steps:

Step 1: Choose Your University: Research and select the university that best suits your requirements and budget.

Step 3: Apply Online: Submit your application form along with necessary documents like mark sheets, certificates, NEET scorecards (for Indian students), and a valid passport. 

Step 4: Receive an Invitation Letter: Upon successful application review, the university will send you an invitation letter for visa processing.

Step 5: Apply for a Visa: Apply for a student visa at the Kyrgyz embassy or consulate in your home country.

Step 6: Travel and Registration: Once your visa is approved, you can arrange your travel to Kyrgyzstan and complete the registration process at the university.

The cost of living in Kyrgyzstan is relatively inexpensive compared to many other countries. Here’s a breakdown of some estimated expenses:

Accommodation: USD 200–400 per month (shared apartment)

Food: USD 150-200 per month

Transportation: USD 50 per month.

Some universities in Kyrgyzstan offer scholarships to meritorious students, helping to further reduce the financial burden. It’s advisable to research scholarship opportunities offered by the universities you’re interested in. 

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How is MBBS in Kyrgyzstan a good option to study MBBS?

Kyrgyzstan is the best option to study MBBS abroad. It’s one of the cheapest countries to do medicine in. Every year, thousands of Indian students get admission to Kyrgyzstan’s universities.  

How costly is MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

For those candidates who wish to do budget-friendly MBBS, Kyrgyzstan is the best option for you. Kyrgyzstan has many NMC-approved medical universities that provide extraordinary facilities for Indian students.  

What are the best medical universities in Kyrgyzstan?

The nation has various best medical universities that are world-recognized with WHO, NMC, FAIMER, and so on. We have listed here some of the best universities. 
Asian Medical Institute
Jalalabad State Medical University
OSH State University
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, etc.

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