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Getting admission for MBBS admission abroad means you will get a chance to get the degree of abroad. You will get an experience of new cultures and get medical training. To do this, you need to plan, meet requirements and apply to different schools. This experience helps you become independent and adaptable while earning a degree that is recognized worldwide.

So if you are thinking about studying MBBS abroad, you are starting an exciting journey to become a doctor in a special way. We have supported almost 10,000+ students to get admission abroad.

Open doors to a global network of mentors and peers. imagine becoming a doctor while exploring a new country. You will learn about medicine and different cultures at the same time.

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MBBS Abroad

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Free Counseling

India being the educational center owns endless number of prestigious colleges, universities and institutions. To give the right shape to your dreams we are here! We are strongly connected with lots of educational centers giving you a wide option to choose for admission in PG medical studies.

University Selection

The counselors of AR Group help you to choose the best university or colleges across the globe matching your requirement and fitting your pocket. We help in sorting the list of the names of the colleges depending on certain factors like geographical preference, budget, government or private options, and the result of exams.

Documentation Assistance

We at AR Group, help you resolving and helping you with all sorts of documentation assistance. Either it is delivering assistance regarding passport, education loan, or even the legalization of the documents. We give you an admission letter that helps in availing of a passport on Tatkal. Accordingly, we arrange a visa Invitation Letter from the educational hub and further get your visa stamped.

Forex Assistance

This is one of the most significant aspects while traveling to another country. We help the student to get their Indian currency exchanged in the respective currency of that particular country. We always try our students should get the maximum exchange rate. This not just boosts the motivation of the student but also relieve them of the financial burden

Post Departure Services

We help in providing the students with proper accommodation until the allocation in the hostel room to bring ease and comfort. We deliver thorough assistance to them in getting medical check-ups at the arrival time, availing medical insurances, and also completing the final university documentation.


MBBS Admission Abroad

Studying abroad with international opportunities to pursue your medical education. When you take MBBS admission abroad you will experience diverse medical systems, cultures and research. Considering their factors like curriculum, faculty expertise and clinical exposure.

Successful international medical education can open doors to a rewarding career. so today start your journey to become globally aware medical professional by securing MBBS admission abroad. explore international opportunities to pursue your medical education.. Start your journey to becoming a skilled and globally-aware

Top Destinations for Indian Students


MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia has been one of the top destinations for students especially Indian for more than a decade now. Studying MBBS in Russia with quality medical education has been home to thousands of Indian MBBS students who are working as well-established doctors today.

The top Russia medical university has world-class infrastructure to support their high-quality medical education and comfortable accommodation facilities for Indian students.

To complete MBBS in Russia it will take 6 years and they provide affordable courses which Indian students can pursue. The goal of this specialized course is to make doctors the behavioral and clinically important skills they need to provide care for life-threatening conditions as well as work on prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

 The value of MBBS in Russia fees in rupees is equal to ruble indicating that the economics of India and Russia are almost on par.

MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia is one of the well-known places to build a career in MBBS. It is one of the most preferred destinations for all aspiring students who want to be doctors.

Universities in Georgia provide you with the best education that too without passing the language test. Georgia MBBS Fees is affordable as compared to Indian medical university. Among 35 European medical universities, Georgia provides facilities over almost 15 universities which recommend by 3 leading medical councils namely WHO, UNESCO and NMC.

Georgia has a framework that meets with the requirements of Medical education and the weather in Georgia is very calm and amazing. 



MBBS in Kazakhstan

For the students who are wishing to opt for MBBS in Kazakhstan, as a medium of instruction English is used on the university campus to avoid the language barrier.

If you want to pursue and build your career in medical education then Kazakhstan provides benefits to Indian students by providing them direct admission as students don’t need to clear any other exam. 

Well-furnished with all modern amenities and good infrastructure is the main key features of universities in Kazakhstan to facilitate the students.

The universities in Kazakhstan provide practical knowledge to the students to make sure they a good exposure before they lead a professional life. 

MBBS in Uzbekistan

MBBS in Uzbekistan where a large number of medical aspirants opt for MBBS abroad. The Uzbekistan government provides MBBS with affordable fees count in a few countries in the world.

MBBS graduates students from Uzbekistan can practice medicine anywhere in the world. Medical study in Uzbekistan can last for 5 years.

Students have the chance to complete a one-year internship in renowned medical institutions the cost of an MBBS in Uzbekistan is around 15 Lakhs for students who don’t belong from Uzbekistan. As well as tuition fees this amount includes the cost of living at the university, hostel fees and library charges.



MBBS in china

China has been increasing its research, education and scholarship budgets every year which has resulted in well-equipped academic Centres. MBBS in China are well-funded and therefore well-equipped to provide quality medical education. Medical education in China is economical because the majority of the medical colleges in China offer scholarships.

Even without a scholarship, an MBBS degree in China is very affordable for Indian students. This is why students choose to study medical education in China rather than spend it in no accredited colleges.

Moreover, it provides a very world-class education as the entire Chinese universities are government owned.

MBBS in Nepal

MBBS in Nepal provides top-reputed medical education to students. That is why many Indian students go to Nepal to achieve their dream of turning into specialists.

Nepal is one of the best nations that provide the best medical degree. Indian students who have low scholarly scores and are passionate about their dreams then think of MBBS in Nepal.

Nepal is well known among Indian medical students for providing quality training, a top-graded medical framework and practice-based learning at the most reasonable cost.

Making it simple for Indian students to study MBBS in Nepal medical colleges because the medium of teaching is English.



MBBS in Europe

MBBS in Europe provides an amazing opportunity for medical students. Several famous medical universities in Europe offer medical coaching to all students. Students from across the country come to Europe for medical education.

The large number of available seats is a great advantage. Indian students will find it comfortable to study medicine in Europe due to the attractive ambience. The medical universities in Europe hire experienced professors to support the top medical education.

NMC approves the medical institutions so students Indian students can practice in India after completing their MBBS degree in Europe.

The duration of the MBBS course. One of the important benefits is students don’t have to learn a new language as the medium of teaching is English.

However to apply for the MBBS in Europe the candidates have to clear NEET and score at least 50% with PCB. When it comes to the fee structure of Europe, the applicants have to pay 3000-8000 USD per month.

Our Services


We introduce you to all the universities in the world which provide the course you desire.


We introduce you to all the universities in the world which provide the course you desire.


Our reps will help you in college and other registration.


Once you decide we apply to the university you have selected.


Ensuring proper documentation to secure you seat.


Adhering to embassy guidelines for successful visa stamping.


Assistance to fly economically.

Airport Pick Up

We arrange someone to welcome you at airport.


Booking your stay in govt/private hostel.


We wish you best for your future.


Why Choose Us?

With an array of choices related to academics amongst the universities, courses, destinations, making the correct choice can be a difficult task. AR Group has official tie-ups with national as well as international universities and colleges. We are the face of universities at the time of admission for many universities of countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Nepal, and many more.
We at AR Group ensure that all the efforts invested is in a positive direction and turns out to be beneficial for the students. All the aspirants are assigned and handled by highly educated professionals to provide quality and elaborate counseling on courses and universities selection. They will guide you with the best possible aspect that can turn out to be fruitful in long run. In the light of student’s scholastic capabilities, vocation objectives, background, these counselors assist you accordingly to attain the academic goal. The main focus of every counselor at AR Group is to ensure that all the candidates get the best course and institution to pursue their dreams..
Choosing the right course is imperative if you are thinking to pursue your higher education from abroad. So, we are here to offer quality guidance to the student and helping them in sorting the exact path suiting their needs and goals. Choosing the right course after considering the financial parameter is not that simple. So the experts of AR Group help in time-saving by mapping you the most suitable university fitting your pocket as well as need. Institutions and courses are described to you after visualizing your caliber and further shortlisting the institutions accordingly. To choose the best thing in life, you need a defined and proper guidance. Our counselor holds rick years of experience that turns out to be a boon for the aspirants.
Once you are sorted with all the above-mentioned things, you are now ready to fly to the institution to live your dream. Once you have finalized your choice, of course, institution and done with the paperwork, there comes the issue of traveling which includes the visa process. We take proper care of visa documents to avoid any confusion. This is important as we don’t want our students to face any kind of trouble once they have left and landed to another country. We try to keep things buttery soft for them by leaving them at the airport and arranging pickups at respective airports. Before sending our students we also provide them training regarding various aspects as visiting a new country is a lot more challenging task because everything is new and non-familiar.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I consider studying MBBS abroad?

Studying MBBS abroad offers several advantages, including exposure to international medical standards, diverse clinical experiences, and a global perspective on healthcare. Some countries offer affordable tuition fees and living costs compared to domestic options.

2. How do I choose the right country and university for my MBBS studies?

Our experienced counselors at AR Group of Education will assess your preferences, budget, academic achievements, and career goals to help you select the best country and university.

3. What is the role of the AR Group of Education in documentation assistance?

We offer comprehensive documentation assistance studying MBBS in Abroad, including guidance on passport applications, education loans, and document legalization. We also provide admission letters for passport applications and assist in obtaining visa invitation letters for your chosen educational institution.

4. What support can I expect upon arriving in the chosen country?

We provide post-departure services to ensure a smooth transition for students. This includes assistance with accommodation arrangements, medical check-ups, medical insurance, and final university documentation.

5. Can AR Group of Education assist with visa application and travel arrangements?

Absolutely, we provide expert guidance on adhering to embassy guidelines for successful visa stamping. We also offer travel assistance, helping you find economical flight options, arranging airport pickups, and booking your stay in government or private hostels.

6. What countries are popular destinations for Indian students pursuing MBBS abroad?

We facilitate admissions in various countries, including Egypt, MBBS in Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, Uzbekistan, Georgia, China, and Nepal. These countries offer quality medical education and diverse opportunities for students.

7. How can I get in touch with the AR Group of Education for MBBS admission Abroad?

You can reach us through the contact details provided on our website. Feel free to call us at +91-7065930006 or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit our office at 523, 5th Floor, Wave Silver Tower, Sec-18 Noida, UP-201301.

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