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MBBS Abroad Admission in 2024-25 For Indian Students

Pursuing an MBBS abroad admission has become an increasingly popular option for many Indian students. The factors like high-quality education, advanced infrastructure, and the opportunity to experience the tints of different cultures makes studying MBBS abroad an attractive choice. 

This blog aims to provide detailed information on MBBS admissions abroad for the academic year 2024-25, covering eligibility criteria, course structure, and specific details about studying in countries like: 

  1. Russia
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Uzbekistan
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Nepal

All About MBBS Abroad Admission

Choosing to take an MBBS abroad admission is a significant decision that requires careful consideration of various factors such as eligibility, course structure, and living costs. Nations like Russia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Nepal offer excellent opportunities for all aspiring Indian students to achieve their dream of becoming doctors. 

By understanding the dynamics of each and every country & university, students can make informed decisions that align with their career goals and financial capabilities.

Before applying for an MBBS abroad admission, Indian students must ensure they meet the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Students should have completed their higher secondary education (Class 12th) with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as core subjects. 
  2. They should have secured at least 50% marks in the subjects mentioned above. For reserved category students (SC/ST/OBC), the minimum percentage required is 40%.
  3. As per the National Medical Commission (NMC) regulations, qualifying the NEET UG  is mandatory for students wishing to take MBBS abroad admission. This ensures that the quality of students pursuing medical education abroad is maintained.
  4. The minimum age for applying is 17 years as of 31st December of the year of admission. There is no upper age limit for MBBS in abroad admission.

The course structure after applying for an MBBS abroad admission generally mirrors the curriculum followed in India but may vary slightly depending on the country and university that you choose. 

The general structure includes:

The first 1-2 years focus on subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, and Microbiology.

  • The next 2-3 years moves the radar to clinical subjects such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and Psychiatry. 
  • Students receive training in hospitals under the supervision of experienced doctors.
  • The final year is dedicated to an internship where students gain practical experience by working in different departments of hospitals under qualified doctors. 
  • This phase is crucial for gaining real-world medical experience.

After completing the MBBS course, students should pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) to practice medicine in India.

Top countries providing MBBS Abroad Admission

Here are those 5 countries that provides one of the best medical educations in the world: 

Russia is the most favored destination for Indian students due to its world-class medical education system and affordable tuition fees. Russian universities are recognized by the NMC, WHO, and other global medical councils.

The MBBS program in Russia typically lasts for 6 years, including a 1-year internship. Some of the top universities include:

University NameLocationDurationMedium of InstructionTotal Fees
Moscow State Medical UniversityMoscow6 yearsEnglish6,98,000 RUB
Saint Petersburg State Medical UniversitySaint Petersburg6 yearsEnglish4,84,400 RUB
Kazan Federal UniversityKazan6 yearsEnglish4,16,000 RUB
Volgograd State Medical UniversityVolgograd6 yearsEnglish4,55,000 RUB

Bangladesh offers high-quality medical education with a curriculum similar to that of India. Medical colleges in Bangladesh are approved by the NMC, making it easier for graduates to practice in India.

The MBBS program in Bangladesh is 5 years long, followed by a 1-year internship. Some of the renowned medical colleges are:

University NameLocationDurationMedium of InstructionTotal Fees
Dhaka Medical CollegeDhaka5 yearsEnglish$ 54,000
Barind Medical CollegeRajshahi5 yearsEnglish$ 24, 000
Eastern Medical CollegeChittagong5 yearsEnglish$ 20,000
Bangladesh Medical CollegeDhaka5 yearsEnglish$ 54,600

Uzbekistan is emerging as a preferred destination for MBBS aspirants due to its affordable education system and English-medium programs. Uzbek universities are recognized by the NMC.

The MBBS course in Uzbekistan is 6 years long, including a 1-year internship. Notable universities include:

University NameLocationDurationMedium of InstructionTotal Fees
Tashkent Medical AcademyTashkent6 yearsEnglish$ 21,600
Samarkand State Medical InstituteSamarkand6 yearsEnglish$ 24,400
Bukhara State Medical InstituteBukhara6 yearsEnglish$ 22,200
Andijan State Medical InstituteAndijan6 yearsEnglish$ 22,200

Kazakhstan is known for its high-standard medical education and low tuition fees. Many Kazakh universities are recognized by the NMC.

The MBBS course in Kazakhstan typically lasts for 5 years, including a 1-year internship. Prominent universities include:

University NameLocationDurationMedium of InstructionTotal Fees
Kazakh National Medical UniversityAlmaty5 yearsEnglish$ 5,300
Astana Medical UniversityAstana5 yearsEnglish$ 5,500
South Kazakhstan Medical AcademyShymkent5 yearsEnglish$ 4,200
Semey State Medical UniversitySemey5 yearsEnglish$ 3,800

Furtermore, Nepal is a preferred destination for Indian students due to its proximity, similarities between cultures, and quality education. Medical colleges in Nepal are approved by the NMC, providing an assurance to all the Indian students.

The MBBS program in Nepal is 5.5 years long, including a 1-year internship. 

Some of the top medical colleges are:

University NameLocationDurationMedium of InstructionTotal Fees (INR)
Tribhuvan UniversityKathmandu5.5 yearsEnglish5.97 Lacs
Kathmandu UniversityDhulikhel5.5 yearsEnglish63 Lacs
B.P. Koirala Institute of Health SciencesDharan5.5 yearsEnglish60 Lacs
Patan Academy of Health SciencesLalitpur5.5 yearsEnglish58.10 Lacs

The advanced infrastructure in Russia and Bangladesh or the cultural similarity in Nepal and Bangladesh, each destination provides unique benefits. With the right preparation and research, Indian students can successfully embark on their journey to becoming medical professionals abroad in 2024-25.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is NEET required for MBBS admission abroad?

Yes, NEET is mandatory for Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad.

What is the medium of instruction for MBBS in these countries?

The medium of instruction is primarily English in universities that admit international students.

Are these MBBS degrees recognized in India?

Yes, degrees from WHO-recognized universities are valid in India after clearing the FMGE/NExT exam.

What is the approximate duration of the MBBS program?

The MBBS course typically lasts 5 to 6 years, including a 1-year internship.

What are the average tuition fees for MBBS in these countries?

Tuition fees range from $3,000 to $6,000 per year, depending on the university and country that you choose.

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