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Let’s Know About Lyceum Northwestern University, Philippines

Lyceum Northwestern University in the Philippines has a more than 50-year history of offering top-notch MBBS education and academic achievement in South Asia.


Every year, students from all over the world come here to pursue their dreams in fields such as medicine, arts and sciences, business education, criminology, architecture, law, engineering, and other vocational studies. University’s MBBS Education is world-renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and research centers. There is a huge group of Indian students who study at the Lyceum Northwestern University campus to pursue their long-held dreams of becoming doctors.


The university is dedicated to developing compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly competent physicians by providing early hands-on clinical training and opportunities to hone professional skills. Moreover, they are also well-known for building a community of scholars and professionals dedicated to serving society, as well as assisting students in reaching their full potential as competent, ethical, caring, and inquiring citizens and visionary leaders.


Eligibility requirements for admission to the University:

Students in the General Category with a minimum of 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology are eligible to enroll.

Students from the SC and SEBC categories with a 40% aggregate in physics, chemistry, and biology are eligible to enroll in the AMA School of Medicine. In addition to the science marks, students must have a passing grade in English.


Weather conditions:

The Philippines has five climates: tropical rainforest, tropical savannah, tropical monsoon, humid subtropical, and oceanic (both in higher-altitude areas), all of which are characterized by relatively high temperatures, oppressive humidity, and abundant rainfall. Based on the amount of rainfall, the country has two seasons: a wet season and a dry season. This is also dependent on where you live in the country, as some areas get rain all year (see Climate types). The warmest months of the year are determined by temperature. The warmest months of the year are March through October, with the winter monsoon bringing cooler air from November to February. The warmest month is May, and the coolest is January.


Duration of the course:

For students who have completed class 12 with Science, the total duration of the Medical, MD, or MBBS course is 5 and a half years. The first 16 months are devoted to a pre-medical course. It focuses on laying the groundwork for a solid medical education. The next four years are dedicated to core medicine and clinical rotations.


The advantages of Lyceum North Western University are as follows:

  1. Admission does not require a donation.
  2. Admission does not require an entrance exam.
  3. Low college tuition
  4. Fully furnished hostel facility
  5. Canteens serving Gujarati and other Indian cuisines
  6. The library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for reading.
  7. cutting-edge technology in a campus hospital for best practices
  8. Wi-Fi is available around the clock.
  9. A secure environment and well-mannered people
  10. The University provides excellent boarding and lodging.


Practical Experience:

Medical Courses in the Philippines are generally Practical Oriented, following the pattern of the United States, where the LNU Medical Program is more practical-oriented and provides practical exposure to its medical students through an affiliation with government hospitals and medical centers. LNU students receive training at Region 1 Medical Centre and other Dagupan government hospitals.


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