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Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College in Sri Ganganagar

Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College in Sri Ganganagar: Eligibility, Admission, Fees, and Facilities

In the pursuit of medical education, Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College in Sri Ganganagar choosing the right institution is a crucial decision that can shape your future career. Among the esteemed medical colleges for MBBS in India, Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College in Sri Ganganagar out as a beacon of academic excellence and unwavering commitment to shaping exceptional healthcare professionals. This blog delves into the intricacies of this premier institution, providing a comprehensive overview of its offerings and what sets it apart.


College NameEstablishedLocationStudent Intake CapacityRecognized byAffiliated to
Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College2018Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan150 MBBS seatsMCI, NMCMaharaja Ganga Singh University

About Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College:

Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College is a prestigious institution that has quickly garnered a reputation for excellence in medical education. Established in 2018, this college is located in the vibrant city of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, providing a conducive environment for students to thrive.


  • Established year: 2018, marking a relatively new but rapidly growing institution.
  • Location: Situated in Sri Ganganagar, a city known for its cultural richness and modern amenities.
  • Student intake capacity: The college offers 150 MBBS seats, providing ample opportunities for aspiring medical students.
  • Recognized and affiliated: Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the National Medical Commission (NMC), and is affiliated with the esteemed Maharaja Ganga Singh University.

Admission Procedure:

Securing admission to Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College in Sri Ganganagar is a highly competitive process. Prospective students must qualify for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), the nationwide medical entrance examination. The college follows a merit-based admission process, considering NEET scores, academic performance, and other relevant criteria outlined by the regulatory bodies.

Fee Structure:

As a private medical college, Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College has a fee structure that may vary depending on the academic year and any applicable regulations. It is advisable to consult the college’s official website or seek guidance from admission counselors for the most up-to-date information regarding tuition fees and other applicable charges.


While Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College in Sri Ganganagar is a relatively new institution, it has already gained recognition for its dedication to academic excellence and commitment to providing high-quality medical education. The college is poised to secure top rankings in the years to come, owing to its state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and rigorous curriculum.


Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College is equipped with world-class facilities to support the comprehensive training of aspiring medical professionals:

  • State-of-the-art laboratories for practical and research work
  • Well-stocked library with a vast collection of medical resources
  • Advanced simulation labs for hands-on learning experiences
  • Dedicated hostel accommodations for students
  • Sports and recreational facilities for holistic development
  • Wi-Fi-enabled campus for seamless connectivity


Dr. S.S. Tantia Medical College in Sri Ganganagar has emerged as a premier institution for aspiring medical professionals, offering a unique blend of academic rigor, practical exposure, and a supportive learning environment. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, this college is poised to produce highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals who will contribute significantly to the medical field.

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1. Q: Is Dr. S.S.TMC recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC)?

   A: Yes, Dr. S.S.TMC recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC), ensuring adherence to the highest standards of medical education.

2. Q: Does the college offer hostel facilities for students?

 A: Yes, Dr. S.S.TMC provides dedicated hostel accommodations for students, ensuring a comfortable living environment conducive to academic pursuits.

3. Q: Are there opportunities for research and extracurricular activities at the college?

   A: Absolutely. Dr. S.S.TMC encourages students to engage in research activities and provides various clubs and societies for extracurricular involvement.

4. Q: Can international students apply to Dr. S.S.TMC?

   A: Yes, international students can apply to Dr. S.S.TMC, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and following the prescribed admission process for foreign nationals.

5. Q: How can I ensure a smooth transition to studying at Dr. S.S.TMC?

   A: Working with experienced counselors, like those at AR Group of Education, can greatly facilitate a smooth transition.

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