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Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Top Reasons to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Have you ever thought of pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan? Kazakhstan is a beautiful country located in Europe and Asia. Over the years, it has become a popular destination for Indian students to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. With its affordable tuition fees, globally recognized medical universities, and relatively straightforward admission process, Kazakhstan offers an excellent alternative to other countries.  

This blog provides a detailed overview for students looking forward to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

All About MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan in the past years has become a home to several prestigious medical universities that continue to attract students from around the world. The syllabus of MBBS in Kazakhstan is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in medical sciences, along with all-round training. 

The medical universities in Kazakhstan for Indian students are recognized by major global bodies, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Medical Commission (NMC), which ensures that graduates are eligible to practice medicine in various countries, including India, after passing the country’s indigenous screening tests.

Still, wondering about the decision to choose MBBS in Kazakhstan or not? Then this section is there for your rescue as it answers all your questions regarding this choice.

The cost of pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan is significantly lower than in Western countries and even many private medical colleges in India. This makes it an attractive option for Indian students from average financial backgrounds.

Medical universities in Kazakhstan for Indian students are recognized by major global organizations such as the WHO and NMC. This recognition ensures that the degrees awarded are respected worldwide, enabling graduates to practice in various countries after clearing the necessary exams.

Many best medical universities in Kazakhstan offer MBBS programs in English, making it easier for Indian students to adapt and succeed without facing language barriers.

The syllabus of MBBS in Kazakhstan is designed to meet international standards and every aspiring doctor’s expectations. This comprehensive approach ensures that students are well-prepared for their medical careers.

The MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is relatively straightforward, with just the NEET qualification score required and a special focus on academic performance in 10th and 12th standards.

Graduates from Kazakhstan medical universities have the opportunity to pursue further studies or start their medical practice in various countries, including India, after passing the required exams.

Notable Places in Kazakhstan

A getaway is often required when you are all the time surrounded by heavy academic pressure. In that case, Kazakhstan serves as the best location to choose. Following are some scenic places in this country.

Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, serves as a cultural and economic hub. Students can enjoy the city’s parks, museums, and lively nightlife. Key attractions include the Medeo ice skating rink, the Central State Museum, and the Green Bazaar.

The capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana, is known for its futuristic architecture and the best infrastructure in Kazakhstan. Notable landmarks include the Bayterek Tower, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, and the Astana Opera House.

Shymkent is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, offering a good concoction of historical sites and modern amenities. Attractions include the Abay Park, the Shymkent Zoo, and the regional museum.

Located on the Caspian Sea, Aktau is known for its beautiful beaches and maritime climate. The city is also home to the unique underground mosque, Beket-Ata.

Karaganda, an important industrial city, is also a cultural center with numerous theaters, museums, and parks. The KarLag Museum offers insights into the region’s Soviet-era history.

MBBS Duration and Medium of Instruction in Kazakhstan

  • The duration of the MBBS in Kazakhstan is 6 years. 
  • 1 year is dedicated to a compulsory internship.
  • The medium of instruction is primarily English, although some universities might offer medical programs in Russian.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Kazakhstan

To be eligible for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan, Indian students must meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 50% marks in core subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th grade.
  2. Students belonging to reserved categories are given a relaxation of 10%, bringing their qualifying percentage to 40%.
  3. The candidate should at least be of 17 years old by December 31st of the year of admission.
  4. Indian students should qualify for the NEET-UG.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan

Students need to submit the following documents for the MBBS admission in Kazakhstan process:

  1. Academic Certificates are required such as the 10th & 12th-grade mark sheets and certificates.
  2. NEET Scorecard to verify the qualification in NEET.
  3. A valid passport is an important document.
  4. A Birth Certificate is also required to check a candidate’s DOB.
  5. Recent passport-sized photographs
  6. Medical Certificate to certify candidate’s health fitness.
  7. A duly filled application form from the respective university.

Recognitions of Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

Medical universities in Kazakhstan for Indian students are recognized by several international medical bodies, ensuring the global acceptance of their degrees. Key recognitions include:

  1. World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. National Medical Commission (NMC)
  3. Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  4. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

MBBS fees in Kazakhstan

One of the major reasons why people choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan is the affordable tuition fees. The fee structure varies from one university to another but is generally lower compared to many other countries. 

Here is an overview of the fees at some of the best medical universities in Kazakhstan.

UniversityAnnual Tuition Fees (USD)Hostel Fees (USD)
Kazakh National Medical University$5400$900
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy$4,200$800
Marat Ospanov Medical University$4,100$500
Caspian State University$4,500$800
Kazakh Russian Medical University$4500$700
1. What is the duration of the MBBS in Kazakhstan?

The course of MBBS in Kazakhstan typically lasts for 5 years, including theoretical studies and practical training.

2. Is the medium of instruction English for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Yes, many best medical universities in Kazakhstan offer the MBBS in English, making it accessible for international students, including those from India.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for Indian students to apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Indian students must have a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th grade, be at least 17 years old by December 31st of the admission year, and qualify for the NEET exam.

4. Are the medical degrees from Kazakhstan recognized internationally?

Yes, medical degrees from Kazakhstan are recognized by major international bodies such as the WHO, NMC, FAIMER, and ECFMG, allowing graduates to practice medicine in various countries after passing the respective screening tests.

5. How affordable is it to study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is relatively affordable, with annual tuition fees ranging from $3,000 to $4,700 depending on the university, and additional hostel fees ranging from $400 to $900.

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