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5 Best Medical Universities to study MBBS in Russia

Since decades, a huge majority of medical aspirants are heading to Russia to achieve their dream of becoming a qualified and globally recognized doctor. International students from all across the globe including Indian students are increasingly becoming a part of the crowd heading to Russia to attain their MBBS degree from a reputed MCI recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities. 

Majority of the medical universities in Russia are a part of the elite club of top 100 universities across the world. Not only this, but a majority of Russian medical universities also offer 6 years MBBS program incomplete English medium. MBBS in Russia and that too in the English language becomes an added advantage for all those students who have a hold on English language and are not native to the language spoken in Russia. 

Mentioned below are some of the important information that every student should need to know before heading to Russia to study MBBS in Russia. 

  • The degree awarded by the medical universities of Russia is known as MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS degree in India
  • The duration of MBBS program is of 6 years
  • The medium of instructions is in the English language
  • Medical universities in Russia are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) and are enlisted with WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools)
  • All the medical universities of Russia are open for two intakes 

Currently, Russia is one of the 8 top destinations to pursue in the field of medicine. The quality of medical education offered by the medical universities of Russia is advanced when compared with other European countries. At present, Russia holds 30th position out of 100 top ranking medical universities in the Directory of World Medical Schools of WHO. In this article, we will be talking about the top 5 medical universities to study MBBS in Russia.

So, let’s have a look at the Top 5 Medical Universities to study MBBS in Russia. 

  1. Perm State Medical University

With more than a century of existence, Perm State Medical University is one of the renowned and esteemed governments medical university offering 6 years of MBBS program in the Russian Federation. Since it’s inception, PSMU (Perm State Medical University) is known for providing best quality of medical education to all local and international students at an affordable budget and that too in the English medium. 

Established in 1916, PSMU is nestled in the Perm City of Russia. In 2016, Perm State Medical University completed its 1st century of its existence. Not only for the high quality of medical education, Perm State Medical University is knwon for providing vast practical training to all enrolled medical students and that too from the first year to the medical program. The University has 9 State-of-the-Art affiliated hospitals and 2 well-furnished polyclinics to offer best quality of practical training to all the students. 

Currently, there are around 20,000 local and international students studying MBBS in the university. Every year, the university admits more than 500 international students from around 21 different countries including Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, China, Afganistan, Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Sudan, Algeria, Israel, and other countries to study MBBS in Russia.

At present, PSMU has over 600 qualified and globally renowned professors along with the candidates of medical sciences, scientists, doctors and state scientific scholars. Till date university has been awarded with endless patents for its various utility models and some of the greatest inventions amognst medical universities of Perm region. Not only this, the University has amalgamation with two of the biggest and estemeed organizations of the world- WHO (World Health Organization) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 

  1. Siberian State Medical University

Founded in the year 1878, Siberian State Medical University ranks in the list of top 3 medical universitiesand in the list of top 30 higher educational insitutions present in the Rusian Federation. Located in the Tomsk city of Russia, Siberian State Medical University is known for teaching, training and organizing high-end medical researches in the campus.

 In the field of medicine, Siberian State Medical University has a reputed name. Students all acrtoss the globe opt for Siberian State Medical University to pursue their higher education especially in the field of medicine. In 2015, SSMU (Siberian State Medical University) became the first medical university in the Russia Federation to get certified by the Skolkovo Technology Park.

The University is know to offer best quality medical education to all enrolled local and international students at pocket friendly cost. The university has attained fame across the globe that every year around 4000 students from different countries including Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Magnolia and CIS region are enrollling themselves in Siberian State Medical University to stuyd MBBS in Russia.

At present, the University has about 650 highly qualified and professioanl and notable Doctors and Candidates of science along with 8 members of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Over 50 university faculties have honorary degrees namrd as- Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation”, “Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation”, “Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation” etc.

Aprt from its prestigeous reputation, the University is also known for its Scientefic Medical Libraray. In 2015, the university’s library was selected by the Academy of Evidence-Based Medicine and was declared as the best library in the Russia Federation.

Since its inception, the University has successfully graduated more than 60,000 doctors and pharmacists and certified over 40,000 specialists.

  1. Mari State University

Established in 1972 by the Ministry of Scinece and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Mari State University is one of the prominent government medical university offering high quality medical education to all local and international students at lucrative cost! 

Located in the city of Yoshkar Ola, Mari State University is always an active member of the Russian Association of Classical Universitiess as well as a member of the Golga Region’s Association of Classical Universities. Mari State University is recognized and accredited with prominent medical councils of the world which includes Medical Council of India (MCI), Europen Medical Council (EMC), UNESCO, and other renowned medical council bodies. Mari State University is also enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMOS).

From the year 1972, Mari State University has started welcoming students from other countries, and since then a huge majority of students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afganistan and other countries are enrolling themselves in Mari State Medical University for pusuing MBBS in Russia. The university was awarded with with the gold medal European Quality in the year 2009. 

  1. Orenburg State Medical University

As per the Forbes Magazine, Orenburg State Medical University has ranked at the 3rd best medical university in the Russian Federation. OrSMU (Orenburg State Medical University) is one of the oldest and prestegious medical university opted by local and international students to study MBBS in Russia. 

Established in 1944, Orenburg State Medical University came into exsistence by the decision of the State Committee of Russia. Since then, the university is known to offer quality medical education to the students at very pocket friendly cost.

The degree awarded by OrSMU is recognized globally, including countries like the United States, Canada, and India. With a glorious history of seven decades, and a delicate balance of experience, expertise, and modernity, OrSMU is one of the best universities to study MBBS in Russia. Currently, the university has over 47 departments and about 300 prominent porfessors, associate professors, working doctors and professional teachers. 

  1. Tver State Medical University

In the Russian Federation, Tver State Medical University is one of the oldest and finest medical universities with hight MCI passing percentage.

Established in 1936, Tver State Medical University is highly favourable amongst majority of international students majorly because of it’s highest MCI passing percentage. According to the World Health Organization rankings, Tver State Medical University ranks at the 23rd position in the world and at the 3rd position in the Russian Federation in the list of the Best Medical Universities for international students.

Tver State Medical University is known for its skilled and proficient teaching staff along with vast laboratories and clinical base. TSMU has over 6000 beds in 10 different affiliated hospitals which include exclusive hospitals for sexually transmitted disease, skin, infections, tuberculosis and oncology.

The University is known to offer a strong academic base with competent and specialized faculty members along with comprehensive research focused education and extensive hands-on clinical training.

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