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Kazakhstan is known as the ninth largest country in the world and owns the second largest reserves of lead, zinc, chromium, and, uranium. Despite these specialties of Kazakhstan, students also consider pursuing their MBBS degree in the place. There are several reasons for one to choose MBBS in Kazakhstan:

1) Highly Professional and qualified faculty members are availed to the students:

Kazakhstan provides highly qualified and experienced professionals who aim to give practical knowledge to the medical students who assist students in a very supportive manner.

2) MCI and WHO-approved universities: Kazakhstan provides students with medical universities that are approved by MCI, and WHO and are recognized by UNESCO. International recognition makes it easier for students to pursue internships or jobs in top hospitals around the globe.

3) Availability of MCI coaching: It is available to all Indian students to help them to qualify for MCI exams and prevent them from paying an additional cost.

4) No donation needed: As compared to India, Kazakhstan universities don’t ask for heavy donations nor do they have high tuition fees. The tuition fees of Kazakhstan are much lower than that of India.

5) English medium studies: You don’t have to grasp another new language to study MBBS in Kazakhstan, as they avail you with medical studies in English as well.

6) Tranquil admission procedure: The procedure of Kazakhstan admission is very easy and uncomplicated for Indian students. Candidates just need to qualify all the eligibility criteria to get into the Top medical universities of Kazakhstan.

7) Global Recognition of the degree: The degree of Kazakhstan Medical Universities are globally recognized which makes it easier for students to get jobs in any corner of the world.

8) Indian food is easily available: Kazakhstan has many Indian restaurants. Moreover, Indian canteens are also available to the students which prohibits students from facing the food issue.

9) World-class Infrastructure: All Kazakhstan campuses provide students with modern equipment and world-class infrastructure.

Eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan:

★ One should have a valid passport.

★  Candidate might be fit and healthy. He/she should not suffer from any contagious diseases.

★  Candidate must have at least 50% marks in three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and, math.

★ Most eminently, a student must have completed their 12th board from PCM as a mandatory subject.

★ Must have qualified NEET to pursue MBBS Abroad.

The procedure of Admission for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  • Consult our guide, and plan for the arrangement of the Admission process.
  • Fill out the application form with our help, and submit it to us.
  • Once the college approves or acknowledges your application, we will inform you about it.
  • Then, to reduce your stress, we will be presenting your identification in our office for visa handling.
  • Once, the visa is with us, travel data and date will also be decided and assigned to you.

We at The A R Group Of Education guide you on each step of your journey and help you to connect the bricks to get a better future for you. We have highly skilled experts with an experience of more than 10 years in this field to guide you choose the correct place for your upcoming studies. Hence, you may consult us to clear any kind of dilemma regarding your career.

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