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Why do Indian Students Prefer Abroad Over India For Higher Education?

By the diary of sir Dalai Lama, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” Indeed, one should always get an opportunity to explore the possible corners of the world. Students prefer to choose abroad over India for their higher studies.  Although, now it’s more like a trend rather than focusing on prominent reasons to choose abroad. With the increasing gush of the population, pursuing education abroad is a means for students to foster their inner potential along with enriching their personality to ameliorate their probability of achieving a promising career. Moreover, various courses are unavailable in India, as compared to the broad education system abroad. This is usually why students choose overseas education. Well, let’s discuss the following 3 prominent reasons why students prefer to study abroad:

Employment Possibilities:

It’s one of the foremost reasons, students choose to study abroad. An international qualification certificate boosts their career opportunities. Despite the job opportunities, they tend to get higher salaries as international degrees are much more valued than a domestic qualification in India. Most companies in India prefer advanced and international degrees as they come up with higher sets of skills. Employees are liable to hold higher posts in companies with advanced degrees. Moreover, the amount of salary they will receive in India on the same designation will be much higher as compared to foreign countries. Hence, one can go and get their education abroad and come back and enjoy the privileges with their honed skills.

Quality of Education:

Although it’s improvising everywhere the lack of practical guidance still exists in India. This leads to hampering the student’s career, as practicals let you explore more about their career and apply their knowledge as well. When compared to abroad universities and colleges, they make sure to engage the students actively and stabilize between theoretical and practical classes. From on-campus to off-campus, students can hone their skills anytime. Moreover, students are more inclined towards abroad studies as the courses are flexible. It allows students to choose their part of their interest and let them work part-time, to help them earn while pursuing their studies. Foreign university Alumni come out with strong alumni networks that consist of great scholars as well as people associated with global companies. It helps them secure their employment possibilities as well. Creation and innovation are highly valued in foreign countries. It encourages students to enrich their skills and come out with different ideas and gives them a challenging spirit. Most eminently, universities provide scholarship opportunities to students along with financial aid assistance. This helps them to make most of their courses.


Migration plays an eminent role in concluding the studies at the postgraduate level, as students at this level are more focused on work opportunities after they accomplish their program.

Considering countries like the USA and UK, students apply with the aim of migration to the countries. Once, students are securely employed, they have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence. The USA provides you with a 2-year stay back policy meanwhile they can modify the visa to a work visa. Uk has come back with its 2-year stay-back work visa for all the international students as a supportive step towards them seeking employment. Canada provides a 3-year stay back policy for students, meanwhile, they can also apply for a work visa and permanent residence.

Apart from all these above factors, students decide to study abroad with families themselves with diverse cultures, environments, and, communities. Countries like German, and, France, help students pursue their master’s degrees at an affordable cost, and provide them with a wide range of opportunities, with a vibrant lifestyle.


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