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MBBS in another country is a great chance for Indian students to enter a prestigious profession with a global reputation. It is a successful path to obtaining high-quality medical education at a low cost that meets global standards.


An MBBS degree from a reliable medical school will help you understand the subject better. Your portfolio will benefit from the degree as well. You meet new people and become acquainted with new cultures and languages. MBBS abroad opens up more career options while saving money.


Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia. The country is primarily a fair, mainstream, unitary, and protected republic with a diverse social heritage. It borders Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.


Kazakhstan’s universities are renowned worldwide for their high-quality educational methods. Clinical training is truly valuable in Kazakhstan because the country maintains the common benchmark of medical education. WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC, and NMC all recognize medical universities in Kazakhstan. It grew to become the regional heart of Central Asia. It is regarded as a highly valued medical degree by the world’s best medical universities. There are many places in the world for Indian students to study medicine, but Kazakhstan offers diversity and an excellent opportunity for Indian and international students in a unique way. In comparison to other countries, getting a medical seat at one of Kazakhstan’s best universities is simple.


Why Study Medicine in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is an excellent destination for international students interested in studying medicine at one of the country’s medical universities. It is an opportunity to advance your medical career. Kazakhstan, as we all know, is the most desired location for medical students. Despite the fact that Kazakhstan has many universities, the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University is the most popular among students. It is considered Kazakhstan’s oldest medical university.


The first point to mention is that the tuition fee structure is very reasonable. Kazakhstan has the highest teacher-to-student ratio. The MBBS curriculum in Kazakhstan is designed to meet international standards. The degree is respected all over the world.


Kazakhstan provides a high-quality education at a lower cost. Kazakhstan’s medical schools have been listed in the World Directory. There are no donation or capitation fees to get into the best medical universities. There is no requirement for IELTS or TOEFL for admission.


After completing the MBBS course at Kazakhstan Medical University, students are eligible to practice in any part of the world. All medical universities in Kazakhstan are well-equipped and use modern technology and infrastructure. Kazakhstan has a very low cost of living when compared to other European countries. Tuition and living expenses are very reasonable at medical schools.




Other benefits of studying medicine in Kazakhstan include:


  1. MBBS course duration: Kazakhstan has a 5-year MBBS program. Four years of academic study are required, as well as one year of internship. It saves you one year because other countries offer the MBBS Course for six years. Students can directly save one year, which will allow them to pursue internships or jobs in any of the hospitals.


  1. MCI Classes: MCI training will assist students in qualifying for MCI exams, which they will need to qualify for after completing their MBBS course in Kazakhstan, as they will not need to do any additional training in India to qualify for the MCI screening test.


  1. Fee Structure/Scholarship for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

The average MBBS fee structure in Kazakhstan is around USD 3500-4000/year in most universities. If you are interested in the MBBS Course in Kazakhstan, you can check the eligibility criteria and get admission into the medical colleges, and then visit the medical college and get details to fill out the further details and take admitted to the college.


  1. Reasonable Fee Structure: Medical study in Kazakhstan is very affordable for the average student because any student from any country can apply for direct MBBS admission without any donation and without any entrance exam other than the NEET Exam. The MBBS fee in Kazakhstan is very considerable because the Kazakhstan Government provides students with educational scholarships. It is a difficult decision for parents and students to study MBBS abroad at a low cost.


  1. Prestigious Degree: Once the medical course is accomplished, the University awards a medical degree that is recognised globally practice degree is valid all over the world, allowing students to practise as doctors in India or other countries. The MBBS degree is a prestigious degree that is recognised all over the world.


  1. Simple application procedure: The application procedure for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is very simple and straightforward. You can apply for college or university after you have checked the eligibility criteria for pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students. Fill out the university application form and attach all required documents. You will receive the Approval Letter once the university has approved your application. Then you can apply for a Kazakhstan Student Visa. You can plan your trip to Kazakhstan once your visa has been approved. Then you can study medicine in Kazakhstan.


  1. Various types of medical courses for MBBS: Candidates in Kazakhstan have the option of interning in government hospitals. You will be able to complete 5 years of MBBS courses. There is the possibility of obtaining an MD course facility for 5 years and a pharmacy course facility for 4 years. You can participate in medical research to help you become a better doctor.


  1. Availability of Indian Food: The presence of an Indian canteen in the majority of Kazakhstan’s medical universities makes it easier for Indian students to adjust to Kazakhstan. Furthermore, there are many Indian Restaurants in Kazakhstan, and Almaty, that meet the demand for Indian food by Indian students.



We will be providing you with the following facilities to help you get into your choice of MBBS university:

1) Counselling – Holding 10 years of experience in counseling, we provide you with boundless counseling support in every part of your journey with us. We have a team of highly skilled experts to guide you through the entire process and ensure a smooth admission procedure for you.

2) College selection – Our research and development team comes with an updated list of colleges that are perfect for Indian students to pursue abroad.

We provide you with the following “cooked and prepared services” to make your way easier-

  1. a) Scholarship guidance – We have a completely specific team who guides you to choose from the ongoing scholarship programs. We even help you in the process of reaching them.
  2. b) Seat locking – We have continuously engaged with the top Medical colleges in Kazakhstan. We ensure that you don’t miss a chance to secure admission to your dream college.
  3. c) Travel/ Visa assistance – We make sure comfortable travel for our students. Therefore, we at the A R Group of Education assist the students throughout the entire complex travel and visa-obtaining procedures.




No one can stop you from accomplishing your dreams! Hence, we the A R Group Of Education are there to walk along with you in every step of your journey to your dream course. We make sure to be a part of your hustle and solve your problems and ease your way in attaining MBBS IN Kazakhstan.


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