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Why Abroad Is Cost Effective?

Ninety-nine among hundred students in India evolves cherishing ambitions of sporting pristine white coats along with a stethoscope around their neck. MBBS is more than an ambition in India, it is one of the most prestigious careers preferred by around 16 lakhs aspirants per year. Yet, prospering a dream of becoming a doctor is full of arduous journeys strewn with sundry hindrances. Coming to India has only 542 medical colleges and the medical aspirants are far more than the total seats preferred by all the colleges. As a result, Indian students prefer foreign countries to pursue their MBBS degrees and accomplish their dreams. But there is always a “but“, such as whether the fee that we invest in MBBS abroad is worth it or not? Let’s go through the article and find out:

Why Abroad For MBBS?

Pursuing MBBS ABROAD can be a quandary for a lot of students but it’s not as onerous as one thinks. Moreover, it comes with the following advantages:

★ Moderate Cost Of Education:  As compared to India, foreign countries provide MBBS at a much lower cost along with reasonable living expenses as well. Taking the example of Russia, the cost of living there is hardly USD100.

★ English is a medium of Studies: Now, universities abroad have initiated medical courses in the English medium as well. Thus, learning an additional language is no longer a pain for Indian students.

★ Clinical Training: Foreign universities provide better clinical training and there is a higher scope of learning clinics as compared to India.

★ Reduces Competition: There is a lack of seats in India for MBBS as compared to the number of students who want to pursue MBBS. Hence, the limited number of seats leads to tough competition and reduces the chances of ace and prosper your dream. Although, in foreign countries, the medical seats offered are always higher in number.

★ Modern Technology: Indeed, abroad provides us with updated modern technology as compared to India. It enriches one’s knowledge of modern equipment.

★ Boost your career: International degrees are a boost for an individual’s profile when they look for a job opportunity in India. It provides you a higher scale in your salary as well.

★ Acceptance of NEET: You don’t need to pass any additional examination to get admission to foreign universities, as almost all foreign medical universities now accept India’s NEET examination.

★ World Class Infrastructure: Medical Institute provides students the benefit of world-class infrastructure.

Fees Structure of MBBS ABROAD:

Country Total Average Tuition Fees (INR) Average Cost Of Living (INR) Availability of Scholarship
Russia     17.75 lakhs 10,000 Yes
Ukraine     16.25 lakhs 10,000-15,000 Yes


Philippines 20 lakhs to 25 lakhs 10,000-15,000 Yes


Krygyzstan 16 lakhs to 20 lakhs 5,000-10,000 Yes


Kazakstan 13 lakhs to 22.2 lakhs 10,000 Yes


NOTE: The cost may vary from university to university, and is subject to change.


All the medical students who pursue and complete their medicine studies from foreign countries have to qualify for an examination in India conducted by the National Boards Of Examination. This examination is called Foreign Medical Graduate Examination(FMGE). Once you qualify for the examination, you are provided with a license to practice medicine in India. Although, the validation of your medication degree totally depends upon the National Medical Commission(NMC).

Once you are availed of the license, you have the following rights as a doctor in India:

  • You can officially get involved in every kind of medical research.
  • You can start your practice in the clinics.
  • You can go for MD and MS degrees and specializations.

We at The A R Group Of Education guide you on each step of your journey and help you to connect the bricks to get a better future for you. We have highly skilled experts with an experience of more than 10 years in this field to guide you choose the correct place for your upcoming studies. Hence, you may consult us to clear any kind of dilemma regarding your career.

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