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What Comes After NEET 2022: An In-Depth Study

The NEET UG test is very important for Indian medical students who wish to make it big as medical professionals in the future since it is the sole medical entrance examination in India. This year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) held the NEET test on July 17, 2022, across India, with over 18 lakh students taking the exam. Every year, there is a considerable increase in the number of students taking the NEET test, reflecting Indian students’ preference for medical employment.


Because the NEET answer keys are yet to be released, Indian candidates must be anxious to learn about their chances of admission to medical schools in India. Analyzing past years’ NEET UG test trends is the best method to make the most of this time. It provides you with a good sense of what to predict from the NEET results and how to plan your future in any situation.


MBBS in India: Every Indian Medical Aspirant’s Top Priority


In India, MBBS is among the most renowned and sought-after degrees, gaining a great deal of respect and acclaim. One out of every ten science student in India aspires to be a successful doctor with a global reputation who can save lives and contribute to humanity’s well-being. However, because of the tremendous competition in the medical industry in India, not everyone is successful in fulfilling this objective.


​​Cracking the ever-difficult and extremely competitive NEET UG test with outstanding results is the doorway to your ambition. The irony is that the NEET cutoff marks have a dynamic structure that changes year after year, making it difficult to forecast the results. Furthermore, the steady increase in the number of students taking the NEET test each year, combined with seat constraints, makes admission to elite medical institutions in India much more difficult, if not impossible.


Expected NEET 2022 Passing Scores


The NEET cutoff for 2022 has not yet been issued by NTA, and the outcome is still expected. However, by evaluating past years’ trends, we have created a preliminary list of predicted passing scores for NEET UG 2022.



Category NEET Qualifying in Percentile NEET 2020 Cutoff Marks
General 50th % 720-138
SC 40th % 137-108
ST 40th% 137-108
OBC 40th % 137-108
General PwD 45th % 137-122
SC PwD 40th % 121-108
ST PwD 40th % 121-108
OBC PWD 40th % 121-108



Are you fearing a low NEET score? MBBS Study Abroad


You should be able to determine your NEET outcome to some extent after considering the aforementioned NEET cutoff patterns. However, the NTA has yet to disclose the solution keys for the NEET UG 2022 test, and students are now evaluating all three options: passing with excellent grades, preparing for the NEET exam, and failing. Nonetheless, candidates who predict a low NEET score would struggle to gain entrance to Indian medical institutions because of the high cutoff scores and costly MBBS costs.


Students with simply passing NEET exam results have several alternatives, including


  1. Retaking the exam the next year
  2. To alter the field
  3. Plan to study medicine overseas.


For Indian candidates with a poor NEET score, MBBS overseas is the best option. The best medical institutes in the world have simple eligibility requirements for Indian students, requiring simply a valid NEET score for MBBS admission. Such medical colleges are nothing short of a beacon of light for Indian students with only a passing score since they no longer have to retake the NEET test the following year and may begin their MBBS path immediately.


Russia, Bangladesh, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and other top nations for MBBS abroad provide high-quality medical education and internationally known medical degrees.


The Bottom Line


Indian students with a poor NEET score will never be short of prestigious medical schools to study MBBS from overseas. Because the percentage of Indian students passing the NEET exam with exceptional marks is lower than the percentage of students passing with low NEET marks, several medical universities have been established around the world to provide medical education to such a large number of students at low costs. MBBS programs in Russia, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, the Philippines, and other countries provide Indian students with world-class opportunities to learn and thrive in a favourable academic environment and to become excellent medical professionals practising medicine in the country of their choice.


So, best wishes for your outcomes. And, if you receive a low NEET exam result, don’t be disheartened. Contact us for MBBS admission to top medical institutes in the nation of your choosing!


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