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Top 3 Asian Countries for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad

A career in medicine entails a significant investment of time, money, and commitment from medical students. Every year for more than a decade, a large number of Indian medical students have gone abroad to study MBBS. Given the restricted number of MBBS seats in India at government medical schools, there has been an increase in the number of searches for the top medical universities overseas throughout the years.

The MBBS degree is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world. Medical students from all around the world study MBBS for a variety of reasons. Despite the fact that a medical degree is one of the most costly vocations, many institutions or schools in various nations provide the finest opportunities for students to achieve their aspirations.

Various medical institutes and colleges now provide an excellent MBBS program at a reasonable price in many Asian nations. Most of these medical colleges provide world-class MBBS programs and are widely renowned.

Choosing the best medical school for MBBS Abroad is one of the first steps toward realizing one’s ambition of becoming a doctor. As a result, selecting the finest place that suits all of your needs is critical.


Which Country Should Indian Students Choose to Study MBBS Abroad in Asia?


Indian medical students go throughout the world to study medicine at a low cost. Many medical colleges across the world provide the greatest medical education possible, complete with contemporary facilities, cutting-edge technology, superb clinical training, and worldwide exposure.


Here are the top three Asian nations for Indian students to study MBBS abroad:



Bangladesh is a South Asian country located east of India on the Bay of Bengal. It is well-known for its lush green environment and numerous canals. Bangladesh is known as the “Land of Rivers.” The Ganges (locally known as the Padma), Brahmaputra (known as Jamuna), and Meghna rivers run through Bangladesh from the lush Bengal delta (the World’s Largest Delta) into the Bay of Bengal.


Bangladesh has a tropical climate with a warm winter, a hot and humid summer, and a monsoon season that lasts from June to October. The nation has never had an air temperature below zero degrees Celsius.

Bangladesh MBBS


Bangladesh is a well-known place for MBBS Abroad. The MBBS degree from one of Bangladesh’s best medical universities is globally recognized and reasonably priced. In Bangladesh, the average cost of MBBS is between 24 lakh and 30 lakh INR. Bangladesh also has a low cost of living. A big number of students want to study MBBS in Bangladesh at the best medical institutes in the country.

Bangladesh’s Top Medical Colleges Popular Medical Colleges

  1. Popular Medical College
  2. Medical College of Women & Hospital
  3. Dhaka National Medical College
  4. Shahabuddin Medical College
  5. Bikrampur Bhuiyan Medical College



Kyrgyzstan is a gorgeous Central Asian nation. It is frequently referred to as “the Switzerland of Central Asia.” Issyk-Kul Lake, or Ysyk-Köl in Kyrgyz, is the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan and, after Titicaca, the second largest mountain lake in the world. The country’s climate is severe in summer and extreme in winter. Kyrgyzstan ranks third in terms of vulnerability to the effects of climate change.


Kyrgyz is Kyrgyzstan’s official language. While Russian is also an official language of Kyrgyzstan, it was introduced in 1997.


Kyrgyzstan MBBS


MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a popular option for Indian students looking to pursue MBBS abroad. Leading Medical Universities that provide a cheap MBBS degree are worldwide acknowledged. Kyrgyzstan is a popular study abroad option for Indian students. The level of medical education delivered at Kyrgyzstan’s medical universities is similar to European norms.


Kyrgyzstan’s Top Medical Universities

  1. Osh State University
  2. Jalal-Abad State University
  3. International School of Medicine
  4. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  5. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  6. Asian Medical Institute



 Armenia is a country located in central Asia and Europe in the mountainous Caucasus region. It is bordered on the north by Georgia, on the east by Azerbaijan, on the south by Iran, and on the west and southwest by Turkey. Armenia has a good climate, with lovely sunny and cool winters.


MBBS in Armenia

MBBS in Armenia may be one of the greatest possibilities for Indian students interested in studying MBBS in any Asian nation. Armenia provides students with the finest of all they may want throughout their medical academic journey at a moderate cost.


Top Medical Universities in Armenia are well-equipped with developed facilities, labs, and other medical education technology. Admission to Armenia’s top medical institutes for an MBBS degree is a simple procedure. To give a world-class decent education to its students, the institutions follow a curriculum rooted in the United States.


List of Armenia’s Top Medical Universities


  1. Yerevan State Medical University
  2. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University
  3. Tereza Medical University
  4. The University of Traditional Medicine
  5. Yerevan Haybusak University


The Advantages of Studying MBBS at Top Medical Universities in Asia for Indian Students


  1. Simple admissions method
  2. There is no entry fee and no donation is required for the English Medium MBBS Degree.
  3. Safe and comfortable Environment
  4. Living costs are affordable.
  5. Students benefit from the exposure.
  6. A fee structure that is cost-effective
  7. Universities are recognized by the NMC(MCI)





Because the expense of pursuing an MBBS degree is relatively high, students are recommended to conduct extensive research on the university and its numerous possibilities before enrolling. Aside from tuition and hostel fees, students must consider several other factors, including other expenses.


Countries such as Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia provide the greatest medical degree at a low cost. These nations’ MBBS degrees are worldwide recognized. Indian students who have completed their MBBS in these overseas countries must clear the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) in order to practice medicine in India.



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