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Things to explore in Russia at a low cost

Staying abroad is like a golden opportunity for everyone. It is an opportunity to explore something that you have not seen before. 

Being abroad, you can experience a lot of unexpected, unpredictable and life-changing events. These kinds of experiences are worthwhile. You will meet different people from different backgrounds and make new friends too.

In Russia, there are many places to explore, museums, Zoo and other places to visit.

Here are some of the things to explore and benefits you will get while in Russia:

Discounted transportation

Students can travel around Russia at a discounted rate. Using the Student ID card, students only have to pay a monthly card for US$6. Students can use the travel card for traveling in the metro and buses. This card is issued by the University.

The Bolshoi Theater

Students who are interested in opera and ballet, they can visit The Bolshoi Theater two hours before the show to get a cheap ticket using their Russian Student ID. 

The ticket is at the rate of US$1.5 for any show. Often times, due to the cheap tickets available at the Bolshoi Theater, there can be a lot of people waiting in line just for one ticket.

Moscow Zoo

It is a great opportunity. The zoo in Moscow is opened for free. Anyone can visit the zoo and watch the different collection of animals available at the zoo. 

Since it is free and an amazing place to visit, the crowd of people can be huge in certain days. 

Days like Saturdays and Sundays, as it is the weekends, the huge crowd would flood the place. So, it is advised to visit the zoo during the weekdays to avoid the crowds.

Cheap cinema and theater tickets

Some of the cinemas in Moscow offer discounted tickets to the students who hold the Russian Student ID and also to the ISIC holders. However, these cheap tickets are available for the morning screens.

Many theaters in Russia have special tickets for the students. Students who have the ISIC card get a 50 percent discount at many Cinemas and Theaters.

Offering a discounted rate to the students helps them pay an affordable price to relax and watch a movie from time to time.

Indoor games

If you feel that you want to relax your mind from your daily schedule, letting yourself loose for a quick game and other activities is what you will need at that moment.

In Russia, students who like playing games can enjoy their time away from their daily schedule at the indoor games’ centers. These centers offer a discounted rate to the students and also apart from the games they also get some snacks and other eatables in these centers. 


If you want to explore other things in Russia, visiting the museum is one of the best things to do. 

You will find the various fine arts in Russia in these museums. There are no charges imposed on any visitor. Anyone can visit the museums for free. Like the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Arts Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Art are opened for free. However, there are some Museums where students will have to pay for their visit. In such cases also, students will get huge discounts using their Student ID cards such as the Russian Student ID or the ISIC card.

Discount on Food

Most of us come across that phase of our lives where at some point we face the lack of pocket money or we stay in a tight budget. There are also times where we have to wait until the mess food is served just to save that little amount of money we have. 

We know that it’s hard to concentrate on studies when the stomach is empty. In Russia, there are few cafes and restaurants that give cheap and satisfying meals to the students who hold the ISIC cards or the Russian Student ID. Papa John’s Farsh, Lepim, and Varim, Starlite Diner, To da Syo cafe, etc., give hefty discounts to the students. 

Clothing, Groceries and Accessories shopping

Many shops or stores in Russia offer discounts on clothes, groceries and other items. Whether you have a Russian Student ID or an ISIC card or not, you can still afford to buy necessary things at a discounted rate.

International Students studying in Russia gets to explore many things in Russia and experience their life abroad by exploring many places and things. Through these different kinds of experiences, students could cherish lots of unforgettable memories in their lives. 

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