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The A R Group Of Education  is the world’s leading US, UK, EU, and Postgrad admissions counselor. Our student’s disproportionately high rate of success is due to our unique model which teams students with Ivy/Oxbridge & other top university graduate experts who work with them 1:1 to perfect every part of their application

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At The A R Group Of Education our strategists, tutors and mentors are former Ivy League, Stanford, Oxbridge, and other top school graduates and/or former admissions officers. Our counselors offer comprehensive support for:
  • US university admissions
  • UK university admissions
  • EU university admissions
  • Postgraduate/Grad school admissions (US and UK)
— with many of our students faced with the wonderful dilemma of having to choose between Oxford or Harvard, Cambridge or Yale. Get in touch with the best study abroad advisors in Delhi and India to accomplish your ambition of becoming a doctor at international universities that provide MBBS and related degrees for a promising future. The need for medical education in India has increased, but it remains difficult to find the necessary government and private schools and institutions. Numerous medical students settle with other degrees in order to avoid giving up on their aspirations. Due to the rising demand, foreign nations are now accepting more Indian students than ever before and at tuition costs that are significantly lower than those of some of India’s renowned private medical schools. Studying MBBS overseas is recommended by medical professionals for its outstanding faculty and research quality, innovative learning, and cutting-edge facilities that pave the path for world-class quality education in addition to its globally recognized MBBS degree. Another reason why many look forward to securing a place in an international college is the fierce competition to get into a medical college in India. 90% of students who get an MBBS degree may get into top medical schools abroad because the requirements are significantly more acceptable. Gaining admission to a medical school that is internationally recognized will allow you to study with some of the brightest minds on the planet and practice medicine abroad. Based on college costs, MCI recognition, and cost of living, Canada, Bangladesh, Nepal, Russia, the People’s Republic of China, and Ukraine are the top choices among Indian medical aspirants. An aspiring doctor gains exposure and experience abroad that will last a lifetime. Studying MBBS overseas is quite successful among Indians due to their drive to obtain a high-quality education.

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