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Bashkir State Medical University, established in 1932, is a leading medical university in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan’s medical and pharmaceutical research centre. There are over 8000 medical students at the University, with over 850 overseas students from 40 countries, 1000 clinical residencies and PhD degrees, and 7000 postgraduate professional pieces of training. University’s scientific university also provides vocational secondary education in the fields of healthcare and prosthetic dentistry.


Bashkir State Medical University students, clinical residents, and physicians can hone their professional experience at the United Centre for Simulation-Based Training, which is outfitted with cutting-edge simulators. Since 2016, Bashkir State Medical University has housed the Centre for Primary Accreditation of Doctors and Pharmacists. It has a large scientific centre where basic and applied research is conducted. The university’s scientific infrastructure includes the Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Cell Culture Laboratory, and Laboratory of Experimental Surgery. The University Scientific Library, which houses approximately 5,27,000 items, is regarded as one of Russia’s most important medical libraries.


This University provides international students with an excellent opportunity to learn with the assistance of certified trainers. Instructors select the best students for upcoming competitions, and they are then trained under the supervision of coaches. Indian students laid the groundwork for cricket. It is played regularly, and the university offers students the opportunity to compete in competitions as well. The university offers the opportunity for international students to demonstrate their athletic abilities through tournaments and competitions.


Advantages of Studying Here:

  1. Students can study MBBS in English.
  2. Students can study MBBS in English medium.
  3. Tests such as IELTS or TOEFL are not required.
  4. The FMGE passing rate is 31.25%.
  5. The admissions procedure is straightforward.
  6. Tuition and accommodation fees are reasonable.
  7. The university’s hostel rooms are adequately equipped and luxurious, with all of the needed facilities and equipment.


Ranking and Recognition of Bashkir State Medical University

It is ranked 136th in Russia and 3538th worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the Medical Council of India (MCI) in India, the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) in Malaysia, and several other countries have recognized the university. Students at Bashkir Medical University come from over 50 countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


Admission to Bashkir State Medical University

To be admitted to Bashkir State Medical University, you must have a minimum of 60% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Candidates who have taken the NEET exam and obtained the required NEET score may apply to Bashkir State Medical University. The applicant must be at least 17 years old. To gain admission to Bashkir State Medical University, students must pass an entrance exam. Chemistry and Biology are covered in the entrance exam syllabus.


Documents needed:

  • NEET mark sheet
  • International passport (Original+ notary translated in Russian)
  • Birth certificate (Original+ notary translated in Russian)
  • Passport size photos Medical insurance (Original + Copy)
  • Payment slip of application fee (Original + Copy)
  • Visa application form filled


A brief step-by-step guide to gaining admission to Bashkir State Medical University

Students must submit a filled-out application form as well as any other documentation required. Email can be used to send documents.

After that, the students must pay the university and wait for the invitation letter.

Once the institution sends you an invitation letter, you can proceed to the Russian Embassy. Students should also notify the university of their expected arrival date. So that the university can organize airport pick-up and drop-off services.


Hostel at Bashkir State Medical University

Hostels are an essential part of any university. The  University has four hostels for both international and domestic students. Students are taught to be self-sufficient at the hostel. It boosts intelligence, activity, and discipline. It increases intelligence, activity, and discipline. It provides adequate opportunities for all students to discover ways to remain independent and responsible. It is extremely important in the development of a student’s personality. Students with diverse habits and tastes live together under one roof, resulting in a higher level of understanding among them.


Wardens check to see if the hostel’s rules and regulations are being followed correctly. Furthermore, Bashkir State Medical University provides all necessary fitness training facilities, such as a gymnasium and a fitness hall. As a result, in the hostel, a student can grow alike mentally and physically. Every hostel floor has a kitchen where students can cook their meals. Banks and markets are both within walking distance of one another. Mattresses, closets, and other amenities are provided in the hostel rooms.


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